Are you looking for things to do at your Greenwing Events?

Here are some suggestions.

1.      Build wood duck boxes
3.      Paint bird feeders made out of plastic 2 liter bottles
4.      Have retriever demonstrations
5.      Have water safety demonstrations.  I use the US forest service; however, the local Conservation officers can do it to.
6.      Demonstrate wildlife photography and techniques
7.      Band geese
8.      Demonstrate how to blow a duck call and give each kids a call of there own
9.      Demonstrate how to blow a goose call and give each kids a call of there own
10.  Paint decoys. You can unpainted decoys from Shaker Prairie
11.  Have animal fur demo and discussion led by local IDNR wildlife biologist
12.  Conduct a gun safety course. It will need to be a short condensed version of the IDNR hunter safety course
13.  Have a scuba diving demo local dive group or IDNR conservation officers

The main thing is to keep them busy and working with their hands. Our event is from 8 – noon. That is plenty long. Be sure to invite the parents to help and come learn also.

Site selection should be a well mowed and easily accessed area.

We always feed the Greewings, parents and volunteers hotdogs, chips, cookies and soft drinks. 
Make sure each child goes home with a bag of goodies. By that I mean ...stickers, candy bars, puddler magazines, wetland activity book, DU pencils, waterfowl id posters, buttons, pins, etc. Anything will work but NEVER SEND A GREENWING HOME WITHOUT ANYTHING IN HAND.
We give a free Greenwing membership to every child that comes as well as those unable to attend.

For volunteers there are several resources. Outside agencies that frequently help include ... local IDNR i.e. wildlife biologist, conservation officers, US Forrest service, IDNR parks, lakes and recreation area personnel. Also look to local conservation agencies or clubs

Ask your local businesses to donate money to defray costs. Frequently they will help the kids. Local business like Wal-Mart, soft drink distributors, McDonalds etc. will frequently support the event. I’m sure there is more I have forgotten at the moment but this is a start..

Put the event in the local papers, radio stations will run the event as a public service announcement. Make up flyers to distribute. Invite cub scout groups, girl scouts, brownies, boy scouts to attend.  They like this and it helps them get badges and the like.