Migration and Hunting Report Maps

Interactive Maps Provide Valuable Resource to Duck Hunters

Ducks Unlimited is helping to answer the all-important question on the minds of waterfowl hunters this time of year: Where are the ducks?

Waterfowl Migration Map

In September, DU launched the all new waterfowl migration map. This is an interactive map that allows Web site visitors to report on waterfowl concentrations in their area. The map also allows users to submit hunting reports based on their experience in the field.

Other Migration Map Features:

  • Powerful zoom feature
  • Email notifications when reports are posted to your area
  • Archive data to view patterns 2 days, 5 days and 10 days back
  • Filter reports based on various waterfowl classifications
  • Map updated every 5 minutes

Hunting Reports Map

Ducks Unlimited most recently launched the Hunting Reports Map. This map is similar to the migration map, but consists of reports submitted exclusively by Avery Outdoor Pro-staffers. Each week, the pro-staffers will provide updates on a variety of factors that are critical for hunters to know before heading to the field.
Special thanks to Avery Outdoors for their support with this feature.

Other Hunting Reports Map Features:

  • Powerful zoom feature
  • Detailed reports on hunting success
  • Latest weather and water conditions
  • Migration patterns
  • Specific report on which species are being observed and harvested
  • Gossip from other waterfowl hunters in the area.

We hope these maps will make you preparation easier and your next trip to the blind more successful.