State Chairman''s Update

In the toughest of times, I have taken over the helm of Vermont Ducks Unlimited State Chairman. I will try to bring Vermont to it’s highest potential for the duck’s and wetland conservation. As the past State Chairmen have reached most of the goals they set for themselves, I will now try to carry on their goals and the ones I set for myself. I will try to work with every chapter chairperson to help them set goals for their dinners and the best way for them to attain theses goals.

We as Ducks Unlimited supporters have to open our arms and help our chapters reach their fullest potential. I believe that in Vermont we can achieve any and all goals with the help of our members. I have met many of these members over the years attending events through out Vermont. One of my first goals for the state is to get NEW members. So the next event you attend bring a friend or family member who hasn’t attended a Ducks Unlimited banquet. You never know, they might win a gun or one of our great raffle items. When my wife and I attended our first banquet, the Waterbury Pig Roast and Skeet Shoot, I won a gun and Mary bought a Duck Stamp print and we were hooked. A few years later we took over running the Pig Roast and Skeet Shoot and have enjoyed every minute of it. The last couple of years we have done a Bring a Friend raffle for a gun. We have gotten roughly 30 new members to join Ducks Unlimited. Last year not only did the new person get a ticket for the raffle, but we gave a ticket to the person who brought this new member. This is one of the creative ways you can tempt new members to attend. I would like to hear from you on any other creative ways you can think of to help boost our membership.

I am honored that you have chosen me as State Chairman. It is my pleasure to help you set and achieve the goals for your banquets. Vermonters have always been known to be a resilient group. There is no river to wide, no mountain to high that we can’t overcome, when we work together. We all have to be part of it, so lets get together and make this one big team effort.

Thank you,

Vilas Gentes
Vermont State Chairman