Nayanquing Pt. Wildlife Area B & D Pumps(Bay Co.)

Nayanquing Point consists of 1,400 acres of coastal wetlands, managed wetland impoundments, and agricultural fields that are flooded for waterfowl hunting. The management of these wetlands is made possible via a complex of ditches, pumps, and water control structures. Unfortunately, this infrastructure is old and no longer functions properly, making it difficult for the Michigan DNR to maintain quality habitat. In 2006, DU provided $51,000 to help the DNR replace the “B” and “D” pumps and their associated water control structures that provide for the management of 595 acres of wetlands. In 2005, DU and the DNR replaced the “A” pump and associated water control structures that are used to manage 270 wetland acres. Other partners include the North American Wetlands Conservation Council, and Michigan Duck Hunters Association.