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September 2009 
Wings Over Montana

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State Convention & Awards
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Cocktails for Conservation
Your Montana
 Area Chairs
Mike McLean
Big Sky
Kevin Barton
Bighorn County - Hardin
Silas Counts III
Michael Wendlandt
Bitteroot Valley Dinner
Scott Johnson
Bitteroot Valley Greenwing
Jon and Sue Miller
Blackfoot River - Lincoln
Ernie & Renee Lundberg
Quinn McCarthy

Carbon County - Red Lodge
Steve Thuesen
Steve Christian
Deer Lodge
Flathead Valley - Kalispell
Tom Greiner
Fort Benton
Barb & Bob Thomas
Gallatin - Madison - Bozeman
Jason Humberger
Eric Robinson
Kyle Robinson
Great Falls
Tom McElroy
Jerry Hallford
Hi Line - Havre
James Bachini
Kootenai Valley - Libby
Jon Jeresek

Tim Hartford
Medicine Valley
Josh Johnson
Milk River - Malta
Kathy Tribby
Milk River - Malta
Ken Weiderrick
Mission Valley - Polson
Chip Kurzenbaum
Missouri Milk River - Glasgow
Ken Jansa
Montana State University
Cindy Wilson
Ravelli - Hamilton - Sponsor
Bill Reed
Roosevelt County - Froid
Art Ryder
Rosebud County - Forsyth
Doug Martens
Saunders County - Thompson Falls - Plains
Nate Hall
Richard Kerstein
Stacey McNally
University of Montana
Upper Missouri - Townsend
Ernie Nunn
Valley Wide - Sponsor
Dave Klein
White Sulpher Springs
Donny Babcock
Wolf Point
Jerald Petersen
Your Montana State Committee
State Chairman
Steve Christian
Senior Regional Vice President
Bruce Posey
Eastern District Chair
Chet Walsh
State Newsletter
Tammy Jordan
Western District Chair
Dave Klein
State Package Committee
Edie Hallford
State Package Committee
George & Kathy Stirner
State Chair Elect
Jim Daugherty
State Greenwing Chairman
Jim Moreland
State Recuitment Chair
Kathy Christian

South Central District Chair
Les Jones
Past State Chairman
Linda Daugherty
State Major Donor Eastern Vice Chair
Michael Wendlandt
State Major Gift Chairman
Neil Severinson
DU Conservation Board
Nora & Fred Taylor
State Treasurer
Randy Schmoldt
Western Zone Chair
Ryle Benke
North Central District Chair
Steve Cunningham
 Ernie Lundberg
Linda Daugherty
 Helena Chapter
 Layne Krumweide,
  Linda Daugherty
  Steve Christian
 Randy Schmoldt
Linda Daugherty
 Linda Daugherty
    Kathy Stirner
  Renee Lunberg,
  Linda Daugherty
  Ernie Lundberg
  Linda Daugherty
   Jerry Hallford
  Linda Daugherty
    Jim Moreland
    Edie Hallford
Linda Daugherty
 Linda Daugherty
Steve Cunningham
   Linda Daugherty 
      Ryle Benke
 Linda Daugherty
    Pat Busby 
   Bob Sanders
Michael Wendlandt
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   Steve & Kathy
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September 10, 2009    
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September 12, 2009
Fort Benton Greenwing Event
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Steve's Corner
Opening day! It will be here soon, but in the meantime we have some catching up to do since our last newsletter.
First off I'd like to introduce our new "Wings Over Montana" editor. She is Tammy Jordan and lives in Lincoln with her daughter. She has a wealth of experience in volunteer recruitment and newsletters. So we can expect great things again from another Lincoln DU chapter member.
Montana DU was well represented at the National Convention in Denver this past May. We had over 20 adults and a small flock of kids to herd around. As usual the Business Meeting and Breakout sessions were superb. We learned quite a bit about last year's success and where the organization is headed in the future. We elected a new president, Mr. John Pope from Jacksonville, Florida. Be sure to check out some of the great videos that were shown at the convention this year. From conservation planning to hunting dogs to a preview of the new season of DUTV, there are a lot of great things happening with DU in 2009! Go to I also had the privilege to sit in on the Board Meeting of DU de Mexico (DUMAC). DU is making great progress in preserving wetlands south of the border too. Additionally, they celebrated the end of the meeting with Sr. Jose Cuervo and Sr. Corona! Hope they invite me again soon!
Our Montana Ducks Unlimited Convention was held in Helena the weekend of August 7-9. Special thanks and kudos go out to the Helena Chapter for hosting us. Edie & Jerry Hallford and George & Kathy Stirner put in a lot of time in helping to make this one of our greatest conventions ever. As always the Reloading Room was well maintained by Steve Cunningham. More on the convention can be found later in this newsletter.
The state is full of ducks this year. According the Fish and Wildlife Service duck breeding numbers in Montana and the Western Dakotas are 53% above the long term average! Continent-wide numbers are up 13%! I can personally testify that North East MT is full of waterfowl. On July 5th Kathy and I took some time off from remodeling the "Huntin' Lodge" in Medicine Lake to drive around the refuge. My heart was a pounding as there was a plethora of ducks, ducklings, geese, goslings, mergansers, grebes, shorebirds, and even pelicans on every available pond and shoreline! Hundreds were viewable around every bend. We even had to stop a couple times for actual duck crossings, mama duck leading her brood across the road to another pond. I'll admit it here in print - I am a duckaholic and a prairieholic. Give me a prairie pothole, my dog, a dozen decoys, and I'm in Heaven.
In closing, we're in the midst of our Fall Banquet Season.  Kathy and I attended a successful banquet in Great Falls on August 21. There are plenty more to come. Thank you to all those volunteers who are gearing up for banquets and Greenwing events. We hope to attend at least six more dinners this Fall. Hope to see ya there!

And finally ...... please hunt safely and watch out for your buddies too. Your Montana Duck Unlimited family wants you back healthy for many seasons to come.  
From Your Past State Chair 
Words of Wisdom & Appreciation
WOW - I am still in awe over the honors bestowed on me at our Saturday night banquet during the State Convention.  It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your State Chairman these past two years.  During that time I have met DU folks that will be friends for life.  The close to 50,000 miles Goldie and I have put on my X-car moving from one end of Montana to the other has not only reconnected me with Montana geography but also the great DU volunteers and members we have in our state.  There are many special times that I could share but I will only give you a few and I promise not to incriminate or embarrass anyone in the process.  As is so often said; there is a time and a place - this is not the place and the time will present itself.
Some of the most special times were when I would be fortunate enough to have Ryle Benke, Steve Cunningham or my husband act as my chauffer traveling to various events across the state.  Ryle and I spotted a coyote along the high line somewhere close to Havre on our way back from an event in Malta and detoured down to see the birds on Freeze-out Lake as we headed back home.  Ryle and I also made our way to Thermopolis, Wy for what was disguised as a regional meeting - and yes, we did get some "meeting stuff' done, I think it was during cocktail time but there may be others that would dispute the time frame.  Goldie and I each celebrated firsts that weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot my first duck and Goldie got her first duck retrieve.
On my way back from last year's state convention in Lewistown I stopped at Eddie's corner.  A gentleman walked up and asked if I was in Malta at their DU dinner event earlier this spring?  How cool is that, to have someone just walk up to you and remember that they have seen you at a DU event.  Maybe we aren't the best kept secret after all, at least not in Montana.
It is also very cool when an Area Chair calls and says; I know you aren't State Chair any more but you were at our event the last couple of years and we could use your help again this year.  That is the ultimate "feel good". 
There have been several comments regarding my winning the "Ole Decoy Collection" Only one has been in writing and I feel compelled to share Jay Coulter's remarks. Included in his "snail" mail was one of the Ole raffle tickets - he had marked VOID and written "woman won" on the ticket.  More important were his comments on the enclosed letter where he went on to say he enjoyed meeting Jim and I in Helena and felt the convention was "well run and organized"  and he enjoyed meeting more "Montana Duck folks".  His only gripe was Linda and her magic touch in the Ole Decoy Raffle.
Ole's 20 decoys are proudly displayed in what I have referred to as the "used to be garage".  There are some that think I should find another name for the conversion from where vehicles and stuff lived to where humans can hang out.  I know that Steve thinks there should be curtains on the windows- silly guy - we live in the mountains and have no neighbors so I'm thinking it might have something to do with the Blackfoot River event in April where he and maybe Layne saw the sun rise from the wrong end of the clock??
Thanks again to all for the opportunity to serve as your State Chairman, the memories are priceless, and I look forward to more memories and 'jobs' as we continue to move Ducks Unlimited forward in Montana, Region 2 and beyond.

Montana DU State Convention
Volunteer Celebration

The annual Montana DU State Convention and Volunteer Celebration was held August 7-9 at the Great Northern Hotel in Helena.
Friday, August 7th
Festivities began Friday afternoon when the State Council convened. The Treasure's report was reviewed and approved.
Next up was a presentation by State Chairman Steve Christian on our successes in 2008 and where we stand so far in 2009. The new 2010 to 2012 Strategic Plan was unveiled for discussion. The six key elements of the MT DU Plan coincide with the National DU Plan and the quarterly goals established for the Regional Directors. Those elements and yearly targets are:
  • Add 50 net new volunteers and 2 new chapters.
  • Add 50 net new Bronze Sponsors to the membership base.
  • Add 8 new Life Sponsors.
  • Increase Silent Bid Auction (SBA) Stores by 3 per year.
  • Increase Net/Net Growth by 1%.
  • Add 10 new events by existing chapters.
The final goal is for MT DU to contribute $1,000,000 in net proceeds in 2012. The detailed plan can be found on the DU website.
Jim Daugherty (State Campaign Chair) then gave a presentation on Major Gifts and was followed by Neil Severinson (State Chair Emeritus) of the Feather Society. Emphasis was given by both on the importance of MT DU members to consider making larger contributions or to add DU to an estate plan.
Kathy Christian (MT Volunteer Recruitment Chair) presented an update on the "Fill the Hall" program. Continued emphasis is being given to face-to-face ticket sales. It has been proven
that this is the most effective way to meet our attendance goals.
Jim Moreland (State Greenwing Chair) gave an update on Greenwing activities in MT and on his participation on the DU National Youth & Education Committee.
Layne Krumwiede (MT Regional Director) gave a short report on our project dedication efforts for the future and a briefing on the new on-line ordering process. Additionally, he discussed the new Waterfowl Hunting Part (WHP) and Sportsmen's Night Out (SNO) packages.
Then we moved into the highlight of the session - the selection of the 2010 Montana Artist of the Year. This was the best year ever with seven outstanding works to choose from. Steve Cunningham (District Chair and State Art Chair) did a fabulous job in soliciting these entries. After much discussion and voting the winner was announce - A lone Pintail by Mike Brown. Watch for this print in next year's State Package!
Later Friday evening was the traditional "Game Night". There
was a Duck Walk/Drop, card games (21), and the ever popular Duck Races. Additionally, the first ever "Blind raffle" was held. Over 15 gift wrapped items, donated by our volunteers" were raffled off. Successful winners had no idea what they were getting. The highlight gift of the evening was an original Ole Olson working canvasback decoy won by Lynn Jones (Red Lodge Treasurer).
Saturday, August 8th
The Duck Hunters breakfast was a welcomed sight (to some) after the Reloading Room the previous night. Conservation presentations were given by Bob Sanders (MT Manger of Conservation) and Jim Ringelman (Great Plains Office, Director of Conservation Programs).
After a mid-morning break there were information booths set up for volunteers to l learn more about DU fundraising. These were Event Observations with Steve Christian, SBA by Chris Logan, Volunteer Recruitment by Kathy Christian (MT Volunteer Recruitment chair) and Bronze Sponsorship by Linda Daugherty (Past State Chair).
Then it was off to the Volunteer Celebration. Steve Christian welcomed all of the assembled volunteers and staff for taking time from busy schedules for the gathering. Lunch was served and many awards were given for outstanding volunteer and chapter performances (see the awards list later in this newsletter). Bruce Posey (Sr. Regional Vice-President) gave
an inspirational speech on what DU has done for our wetland resources. Jim West (DU Manager of Grassroots Fundraising) spoke on the importance of the DU Volunteer and Staff relationship. Finally we arrived at the beat part of the celebration - the Volunteer Raffle! This years raffle consisted of not only the regular DU items, but also the Sportsmen's Night Out (SNO) packages. Everyone present was eligible to win a prize. They ranged from firearms to artwork to real hunting gear. All left with something to remember the weekend by.  
During the break Saturday afternoon many participants partook of the opportunities to shoot sporting clays, fish, golf, or go on a shopping tour.
The State Banquet was held later that evening. More awards were given and new Life Sponsors and Upgrades were recognized. The auction included a Labrador Retriever puppy, Ole Olson Pintail decoys, a partial Duck Stamp Collection (dating back to 1936), and an African Safari. After that it was off to the Reloading Room for interesting conversation and refreshments.
Sunday, August 9th
A District Business meeting was held in the morning. The breakfast buffet was a welcomed sight for those attending. A new awards system was introduced for discussion. It will make more chapters eligible to win an award for outstanding performances. There will be three divisions: Honker, Mallard, and Teal. Details will be presented at future District meetings across the state.
Kathy Christian spoke on the importance of event budgeting and how to critique our events to make them better. She has planning tools that will be forwarded to Area Chairman for their use.
Chris Logan (Region 2 SBA Coordinator) spoke on the success of the MT SBA program. He additionally warned us that other states were gearing up to try to knock MT of its perch as Region 2's #1 SBA state.
The concluding round table discussion was on where to hold future State Conventions. Billings stood up and said they would take it for 2011. Then by acclamation Lewistown was chosen for 2010.
Finally the Helena committee was given a mighty Thank you" for the excellent hosting of the 2009 convention.
SBA Gun Awards 
Hey Montana DU SBA''s a list of FREE Charles Daly Pump 3" 12 gauges that you will have coming to you this fiscal year!  Congratulation to you ALL...Look at the job Bozeman, Missoula, and Glasgow did...WOW!  #1 in the Region again this year!

Billings - 3 guns
Milk River (Malta) - 1 gun
Great Falls - 1 gun   
Lewistown - 1 gun
Helena - 5 guns
Missouri Milk River (Glasgow) - 4 guns
Gallatin-Madison (Bozeman) - 13 guns
Bigfork - 1 gun
Missoula - 13 guns
Your chapter can earn FREE  guns as well just by having $1500 net/net dollars from your SBA!  For more information on how your chapter can get going with SBA and how to earn one of these guns, please contact Chris Logan at:
Cocktails for Conservation
by Jim Daugherty
The event was a tremendous success.  There were in excess of 15 couples in attendance (invitation only) at the event.  Most were DU members that had been giving to DU at a Bronze Sponsor or above level for many years.  At this event, there were 4 new Life Sponsor commitments, 3 Upgrades (those already at Life Sponsor and above and agreed to go to the next level) and one Feather Society commitment.  The commitments raised that evening were in excess of $100,000.00. 
During the evening, there was a social hour and then Jim Ringleman and Bob Sanders of the Conservation Staff made a presentation as to the current obstacles that DU is facing with trying to save the Prairie Pothole Region and protecting these very productive areas for waterfowl breeding.  At the end of their presentation, Jon Rich, of DU National, explained the importance of the Feather Society and the ways to provide for the ducks in our estate planning.  An important part of this message was that by remembering DU in our estate, we could become members of the Feather Society.
One of DU's recent changes from the past has been that DU now allows all of a members previous cumulative giving to be counted towards a Life Sponsor and above.  What this means is that as a member goes to numerous events, their$25.00 membership and their commitments to Bronze Sponsor and above accumulate to assist the member in getting to the Life Sponsor level.  The member then commits to becoming a Life Sponsor and is only committing to the difference between their cumulative giving and the $10,000.00 Life Sponsor level.  This also applies to those that have been Life Sponsors and/or above and agree to go to the next level.
In the past, the member could not direct the funds to be only used in Montana unless they paid the $10,000.00 in full.  As it now stands, the member can commit to the $10,000.00 level, agree to pay it off over 5 years (or the difference between their cumulative giving and the $10,000.00 commitment) and can designate that those funds can only be used in Montana.
Jim Daugherty pictured with (first) Steve & Judy Bayless; (second)Tom & Gerta Evert; (third) Pat Busby; and (fourth) Neil and Margie Severinson
Jim Daugherty pictured with (left) Layne and Mari Krumweide; (middle) Steve Cunningham; and (right) Bruce & Kaleb Posey
Carver "Ole" Olsen of Townsend (COOT) Recognized... And Picks Winning Ticket Too!

In May of this year at the National Convention in Denver, Ole Olsen was designated as the official Montana Ducks Unlimited Decoy Carver (with all rights and privileges as he sees fit to choose). He and his wife Mary have contributed decoys across the nations that have been used to raise over $200,000 for wetlands conservation.
An Ole Olson Decoy Collection consisting of 20 male waterfowl species was anonymously donated for a statewide raffle in 2008. Tickets were sold throughout the year at Montana events, on-line thru the DU website, and at the National Convention.
During the recent State Convention Awards Banquet the Decoy Collection raffle drawing was held. We were honored to have the old coot himself there to pull the winner. There was much suspense as he dug thru the bag of tickets. He did well for an older gentleman who had just survived a harrowing tie cutting ceremony. Then the winner was announced. It just happened to be Linda Daugherty our past State Chair. Cheers arose
from the crowd. Many asked that she split it up and offer it for auction. Her answer was something to the effect of "No way!" but only a little more colorful.
A big THANK YOU goes out to our anonymous donor and congratulations to Linda for a raffle well won!

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