Message from State Chairman


Can You Say, "Ducks" ... publically?

A conversation with my neighbor a while back made me stop and think a bit.  She asked me why I always brought up the topic of Ducks Unlimited.  Of course, the reason was clear to me, but not so much to her.  And of course, that lead me to wonder whether or not some of us are comfortable talking "Ducks" in public.

Oregon Ducks Unlimited has volunteers and leaders in place who are dedicated to the cause of conservation, as well as also being avid outdoorsmen and women.  So bringing these two components together is a no brainer, right?  Can we bring together conservation and responsible, accountable stewardship of our outdoor places and wild spaces by men and women who see that big picture?  Can we convey to John and Jane down the street how important it is to give back to something even they enjoy, with the hopes of seeing it in better shape for the future?

SC Carla Hopp
and RD John Stanfield

I recently attended an event in an area that was not the typical market demographics for a Ducks Unlimited event, although the attendees were all avid outdoorsmen and women in their chosen passions.  It was this commonality among ALL outdoors people -- be it waterfowlers, hikers, runners, canoers, or campers -- that helped me convey how important conservation should be to everyone in the room that evening.  And no one disagreed with me (a first!).  This was my very first State Chairman's address at an event but, to quote a young lady who approached me afterward, "It just felt right."

As we are all prepping our layouts, blinds, boats, and decoys for the upcoming season, it is this common thread with ALL outdoors enthusiasts I hope you all appeal to when talking with your family, friends, neighbors, and business associates.  We always talk about it with our hunting buddies, but conservation is an important enough message that eveyone should be told about it.  Hey, its' their future, too.

Happy Waterfowling!

Carla Hopp
Oregon DU State Chair