Legacy Greenwing Project

"Duncan Uplands Project"

Two Legacy Greenwing projects are complete.  Thanks for your support!!!  A new (third) project has begun.

The LEGACY GREENWING program is a bridge between Ducks Unlimited’s habitat conservation and youth programs. It is open to youths up to age 21 for a one-time contribution of $200. Legacy Greenwing membership funds are dedicated to a waterfowl habitat project on the Canadian breeding grounds, and your child or grandchild’s name is cast in a bronze plaque placed in a rock cairn erected at the project site. This membership forever links your child to DU’s mission of waterfowl habitat conservation on the Canadian breeding grounds.

Click below for a complete brochure on the project and membership form.
Duncan Uplands Project

Click below for a list of Greenwings signed up for the Duncan project.
Duncan Uplands Project Greenwings

Click below for pictures from the Joseph Project, the first Legacy Greenwing project.
1 - Cairn
2 - Cairn Plaque Closeup

Click below for pictures from the Wall Uplands Project

Cairn and Project

Cairn Closeup


Cairn Header

Legacy Greenwings