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Wing Beats is published twice a year, March 1st and September 1st.  Cutoff dates for submission of materials is February 1 for the Spring issue and August 1 for the Fall issue.  If you wish to submit materials for inclusion in a upcoming issue, send your materials to the Wing Beats Editor, Pat Saunders, 4343 Tideview Dr, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250 via US mail or email at  It is preferred that materials being submitted are in an electronic format (MS Word).

As the organization's official publication for Florida, Wing Beats has a circulation of 14,500.  Views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of Ducks Unlimited Inc.  Similarities between the name Ducks Unlimited Inc. and those of advertisers are coincidental and do not indicate mutual affiliation unless clearly stated.

Members who move, should send their new address and current membership number to either national headquarters, Brett Bainter - Regional Director, Dave Grabow - Regional Director or Tim Miller.  Addresses can be found by selecting the DU Staff or the State Contacts tab.