Gear Guide: 2014 Duck Calls

Looking for a new duck call? We've got you covered!

The 2014 Duck and Goose Call Guide contains the most recent makes and models from multiple call makers throughout the nation. The call-making iconic companies like Haydel's, Rich-N-Tone, and Buck Gardner are well represented, along with new companies like Elite, Field Proven, and Pacific. Finding the right call is unique to each hunter and shouldn't be taken lightly. The quest to find a new call for the 2014–2015 waterfowl season begins here! (Click here for the 2014 Goose Call Guide)

RNT – Daisy Slayer

Rich-N-Tone Calls, out of Stuttgart, Arkansas, continues to tweak and modify their lineup of quality duck calls. The Daisy Slayer, following in the footsteps of the Daisy Cutter, is an acrylic single-reed mallard call with unique bore designs and hand-tuned tones. Not wanting to sacrifice the aggressive nature of its predecessor, the Daisy Slayer maintains the high-end volume, yet offers the ability to utilize soft clucks and natural mallard hen sounds.

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Flambeau® Ice Box Double-Reed Duck Call

Flambeau's Ice Box Double-Reed Duck provides callers an out-of-the-box-ready call. This polycarbonate call comes tuned to deliver everything from ringing hail calls to soft quacks and feeding chuckles. Color: Smoke.

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Supernatural Single Reed

The Supernatural Single Reed from Flextone offers the ease of learning to call with the tones needed to convince ducks. From soft and wheezy to full hail calls, the single-reed Supernatural has a wide range and provides a solid look and feel.

Supernatural Double Reed

The Supernatural Double Reed has a similar look and feel to the single, but provides callers with a double-reed option. Its ease of use and ability to make the soft quacks and chatter give callers familiar with a double-reed more confidence in the field.

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Primos Final Approach – Mean Mallard Double

The Mean Mallard™ Double features unique Tone Ridges™ and Tuning Ditches™ on the sounding board that give it the raspy highs, lows, and keeps the call from sticking. This call's versatility allows hunters to use it under almost any circumstances.

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Pacific Calls – GH7 Double Reed

The GH7 is Pacific Calls' most recent addition to their duck call lineup. This double-reed call is designed for versatile calling styles and provides the needed volume and range to fit any hunting style.

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Yentzen One – Black

Sure-Shot Game Calls released the Yentzen One early in 2014. This is the classic Yentzen shape, but with a whole new look and feel. The new material provides callers with original tones, but offers increased volume and versatility for different calling techniques. The patent-pending screw-lock system provides dependability and assurance.

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Haydel's Game Calls

STOUT-14 Mallard

Haydel's calls continue to perform. The STOUT-14 is a loud, shortened calls that allows you to push harder when increased volume or aggressive barking is necessary.

DC-14 Diver Call

The Diver Duck Call creates the "brrrrr" sound that redheads, bluebills, scaup, canvasbacks, and other divers use to communicate. A traditional mallard call has been used in the past to attempt to create this sound, but avid diver hunters now have a dedicated call in the DC-14.

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F.D.W.C. (Feet Down, Wings Cupped) Duck Calls – Double Reed Mallard

F.D.W.C Duck Calls is a call maker based in Chicota, Texas, offering an easy-to-use double-reed call for any skill level. Each acrylic call is hand-tuned and has a short barrel design for low tones and soft quacks.

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Field Proven – Single Shot Duck Call

The Single Shot is a single-reed duck call designed with versatility in mind. The larger-bored mouthpiece allows callers full control and creates a variety of hen mallard sounds. The call produces a full tone that can easily get louder or softer as needed. This user friendly Single Shot is made of durable cast acrylic and comes with a lifetime warranty. The Single Shot is also offered in a polycarbonate version.

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Buck Gardner – Swap Meat Double- and Single-Reed Call

Buck Gardner's Swap Meat provides callers the opportunity to choose double or single reed by making a quick swap. The accompanying reed case—shaped like a shot shell—attaches to your lanyard for easy access to the insert. Want to change to the high-volume, single-reed call? Simply open the call and switch the inserts. Go from single to double reed in a matter of seconds.

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Elite Calls


Three-time world duck calling champion Brad Allen has put years of hunting and competition calling experience into creating Elite Calls. Allen designed Elite's Cache call to offer the soft, quiet quacks needed for up-close calling, and when the high-volume approach isn't successful. The Cache's smaller bore gives it an edge for nasally quacks for finishing ducks.


Following the release of the Cache, Brad Allen was asked to launch a double-reed call, and he answered with the Elite Edge. The Edge offers user friendly operation and familiarity for double-reed aficionados, but doesn't sacrifice volume or tonal range.

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Northern Flight SLD-2 (Second Language: Duck) Double-Reed Duck Call

Cabela's Northern Flight SLD-2 is a CNC-machined acrylic call with varying tones and adaptable volume control. This call was designed to provide callers a versatile double-reed mallard call, without sacrificing range and clarity.

Northern Flight SLD-1 (Second Language: Duck) Single-Reed Duck Call

The SLD-1 is Cabela's newest single-reed mallard call. Offered in white-pearl acrylic, this single reed call contains a high-volume system that can step down for soft, raspy greeting calls. These calls are tested and tuned for the utmost realism.

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Duel Game Calls

Duel Game Calls is new on the market for 2014, launching two duck calls and two goose calls.

The Judge

The Judge is a double-reed mallard designed with a small bore diameter, which allows callers to create the soft, raspy sounds for up-close calling. Ideal for timber and small water, The Judge incorporates dual sound chambers to create lifelike calls.

The Jailbird

This call offers single-reed callers a dual-chambered option for high-volume hail calling. This open-water mallard call has the ability to reach out, yet maintains the control needed for hard-hitting feeding calls.


RedHead Reality Series Limited Edition Acrylic Mallard Call

RedHead's experts' cooperative effort with world-champion call maker Buck Gardner, resulted in the RedHead Reality Series® Acrylic Mallard Duck Call. This call delivers realistic sounds and features a premium double-reed design that allows beginners and experts deliver a full range of mallard calls.

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