Favorite DU Photos: June 2014

Member photos of the day from the month of June
Best friends (photo by Karen Roemer)

Opening morning Munuscong Bay Michigan (photo by Mike Schneiderhan)

Swans passing through. (photo by Joey Foote)

Tess retrieving a Rosybill Pochard in Uruguay (photo by Alvaro Barc Mouawad)

Hen Goldeneye on the Niagara River (photo by Justin Skrzynski)

Harder Lake at sunset (photo by Kelly Altman)

Bufflehead diving (photo by Chris Montano Jr.)

Put my one year old on some birds for the first time. (photo by Roger Brown)

Mallard ducklings at a local pond (photo by Charles Rutkowski)

Retreiving on Lake Okeechobee (photo by Ronald Smith)

0 Mallards in the Beaver Hills (photo by Chuck Deschamps)

1 Hunting Green Bay on Lake Michigan for divers. (photo by Mitchell Berman)

2 Early morning on the White River Refuge, AR. (photo by Justin Chapman)