Favorite DU Photos: May 2014

Member photos of the day from the month of May
Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Erynn - 1st duck - 12 Weeks old (photo by Leslie Haugen) 

Morning hunt in Grand Chenier with the kids! (photo by Crystal Alcede)

Speckle Bell's trying to share the same landing pad (photo by Bill Gogo)

Forrest taking a break in between some whitewater retrieves along the banks of the Peace River in Alberta, Canada. (photo by Gary Abbott)

A flock of Canvasbacks in the Prairie Pothole region of South Dakota (photo by Chris Bailey)

BlueBill pair landing (photo by C. Connelly)

Rivers run colder between flights. (photo by Jason Peak)

This is our oldest daughter, she is 7 and she went on her first duck hunt with dad. (photo by Dixie L Colquhoun)

Levi on one of his first teal hunts. (photo by Brad Craley)

Sunset on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. (photo by Robert Isdell)

0 Common Goldeneye (photo by Scott Denny)

1 This picture I like to call, "Serious Business." Haley wants a duck. (photo by Aaron Gormley)

2 Benelli training at Eagle Bluffs. (photo by Carol Weston)

3 Lincoln our Duck Dog (photo by Matt Ragland)