Climate Change and Waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited and Climate Change, DU relies on objective, independent, and expertly reviewed science to guide its policy and conservation actions. DU biologists and other staff continually monitor scientific literature and the research of academic, federal, and state research institutions to inform conservation decisions. This approach has led to effective conservation across this continent and recognition by partners, government agencies, and legislators that DU is a credible, balanced, science-based organization. After examining the best available science on the issue, DU’s conservation staff has determined that climate change poses a significant threat to North America’s waterfowl that could undermine achievements gained through more than 70 years of conservation work. As a result, DU’s science staff is studying and planning for the potential impacts of climate change to ensure wetland and waterfowl management objectives are achieved and policy efforts that reduce the threat of climate change and enhance the resiliency and sustainability of wildlife and their habitats are implemented. Using scientifically proven methods to sequester atmospheric carbon, DU and partners have developed programs that conserve vital waterfowl habitat and reduce atmospheric carbon, benefiting waterfowl, hunters, private landowners, and the nation