Favorite DU Photos: March 2014

Member Photos of the Day from the month of March
Northern pintails in flight (photo by Jeff Weymier) 

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(photo by Stephen Deadman)

(photo by Ron Charest)

Hen wood duck sitting on ten eggs (photo by Ben Reynolds)

Mallard pair on Boulder Creek, Colorado (photo by Brent Gale)

Redhead photographed at Shakespeare Park in Alabama. (photo by Bill Houghton)

Bufflehead (photo by Chris Montano)

Wood duck pair calling (photo by Kevin Kisik)

Bluebill looking for a snack (photo by C. Connelly)

Harlequins, Barnegat Lighthouse jetty (photo by Ed Stutz)

0 This Hooded Merganser's plumage is at its best as it enters another spring breeding season (photo by Tom Reichner)

1 Golden gadwalls (photo by Christopher Knight)

2 (photo by Ron Charest)