DU joins USA Rice for 2014 Government Affairs Conference

USA Rice held their 2014 Government Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C., the last week of February. Ducks Unlimited participated in several high-level meetings and held a joint luncheon with USA Rice.

One highlight of the week was a joint meeting with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Chief Jason Weller. The partnership told Weller how DU and USA Rice are working together link waterfowl habitat conservation to rice production, because rice is the only production crop that mimics wetland habitat for waterfowl.

“Every time our two groups get together, the level of appreciation and expectation of our partnership grows,” said DU Director of Public Policy Dan Wrinn. “We appreciate NRCS Chief Weller taking the time to meet with us – NRCS is our most important collaborator on this partnership.”

Partnership members who attended the NRCS meeting included: Jim LaGrande, Jon Munger, Richard Fontenot, Steve Balas, Paul Buttner, Jeff Rutledge, Steve Orlicek, Gibb Steele, and Josh Sheppard with USA Rice, and Wrinn represented DU.

The joint luncheon was held in the Hart Senate Office Building and was well attended by the partnership, members of Congress and their staff. The luncheon featured sushi, duck sliders, duck gumbo, risotto balls, and rice pudding.