Favorite DU Photos: January 2014

Member photos of the day from the month of January
Northern pintail (photo by Scott Denny)

Storm Front in Arkansas (photo by Eric Schirmer)

(photo by Bert de Tilly)

Hunted at Cajun fishing adventure on a father and son cast and blast on New Year's Day (photo by Jeffrey Hargis)

(photo by Matthew Bielski)

Lots of mallards that were packed into a small area of open water at last light (photo by Tyler Huettenruach)

(photo by Cody Karstens)

Cole's new friend Bo (photo by Scott Paschke)

(photo by Thomas Painton)

Goose hunting in West Metro of Minnesota (photo by Robert St. Sauver)

0 Early morning hunt (photo by Zachary McNeill)

1 First time hunting for Bonnie! (photo by Nick Wallace)

2 Snows and blues fill the fall sky in Huron, SD, on their journey south. (photo by Chris Bailey)