Let's support those who support Ducks Unlimited

Insights from Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall
Ducks Unlimited prides itself on building lasting partnerships that help us carry out our conservation mission. One of our greatest partnerships is with our friends in the corporate sector. The DU Corporate Partner Program (CPP) was launched in 1986 when DU introduced its holiday card program with Barton Cotton. That same year, DU unveiled its affinity credit card program (with MBNA bank), which continues today with Discover Card.

Over the past 25 years, the CPP has grown to include more than 50 companies, many of which are market leaders in their respective industries, including automotive, food and beverage, financial services, insurance, pet food, ATV, real estate, apparel, and many more. These companies work passionately with us to expand the DU brand because they share our commitment to wetlands conservation and our vision to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow, and forever. In total, our corporate partners have generated more than $100 million to help DU conserve hundreds of thousands of acres of wetlands, grasslands, bottomland hardwoods, and associated uplands.

Through special promotions and DU membership offerings, our corporate friends have helped us attract tens of thousands of new DU members from across the entire continent. These same companies have also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products to support state raffle programs, live auctions, and national sweepstakes and promotions. Such gifts in kind have helped local chapters raise additional revenue that goes straight toward DU's bottom line.

Corporate partners are also ardent supporters of DU's various media platforms, investing significant dollars each year in Ducks Unlimited magazine, the DU website, and DU TV. Likewise, these partners help us reach out to our more than 800,000 DU Facebook fans, generating millions of "impressions" for DU and the DU brand each and every year. Although fewer than half of DU's Facebook fans are currently members, they are constantly learning about DU and our conservation mission as a direct result of these outreach efforts. This has allowed us to recruit many of our Facebook fans as new DU members. 

The DU brand is a well established, sought-after outdoor consumer brand with more than 75 years of equity built into it. It is a lifestyle brand that identifies the user as someone who cares and is willing to take action to make a difference for the ducks. Why is this important? Because our most effective tool in conservation is the education of the people to whom the natural resources belong. Building and extending our brand helps connect people not only to DU, but also to the wetlands and waterfowl we all love.

At Ducks Unlimited, we strive to run our organization as if it were a "for profit" business. In doing so, we recognize that unless we show support for our corporate partners, they will have a difficult time continuing to support us. These partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships that help both parties while doing tremendous good for the natural resources we hold so dear. And so we ask all of our members and friends to make it a priority to do business with the corporate sponsors featured on our website, in Ducks Unlimited magazine, on DU TV, and in other media. Let's continue to support the companies that stand by Ducks Unlimited. Please show them the same type of support that they have shown us. The future of our conservation work depends on it!