Favorite DU Photos: November 2013

Member photos of the day from the month of November
(photo by Alexandra King)

BlackJack sizing up the river. (photo by Jason Peak)

(photo by Jeffrey Gober)

(photo by Peter Giles)

Our British Lab - 3 yrs. old. (photo by Bill Davis)

This is a picture of my friend right after he shot his first Mallard this year. Mallard Down! (photo by Douglas Day)

(photo by Adam Sage)

Dawn over decoys. (photo by Scott Ellis)

Beautiful morning hunt! (photo by TJ Nuesse)

Taken in Canada of snows coming in. (photo by Edwin Seymore)

0 (photo by Christopher Montano)

1 Behind the blind. (photo by Nicole Jumper)

2 View from our duck blind at sunrise over the Broadkill River in Delaware. (photo by Nick Carter)

3 Deke waiting patiently for some birds. Ready for the hunt. (photo by Dustin Palmer)