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September 20, 2006 Edition

Featured Hunting Tip

Tips to Build a Simple, Temporary Duck Blind

Duck blinds run the gamut of sizes, designs and features, based on the whims and resources of their owners. Some are very basic, wClick here to view tips on how to build a simple duck blind!hile others are elaborate.

A big, feature-filled blind might be more comfortable to hunt from, but a thrown-together temporary blind can certainly be as effective, or more so, than its lavish counterpart. Good location and camouflage are the requisites for a successful blind. Anything beyond that is icing on the cake!

View tips how on how to build a simple, temporary duck blind!

Latest News

National News
House Moves to Extend Critical Wetlands Program

DU in DC
Conservation Programs Celebrate 20-year Success Story

Regional Report
Ducks Unlimited Shows Support for Reauthorization of Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act

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Waterfowl Trivia

Know Your Ducks

So, you think your waterfowl IQ is pretty sharp? See if you can identify the name of the waterfowl species with the following traits:

  • I breed from southern Alaska through the forested areas of western Canada, central Ontario and eastern Quebec.

  • What is Your Waterfowl IQ?I am a cavity-nesting duck and prefer to nest near lakes and deep ponds with associated temperate woodlands.

  • While one of the smallest ducks in North America, I am a study in black and white.

  • I have a large white patch across the back of the head that extends from cheek to cheek, forming a bushy crest (drake).

Stumped? Click here for the answer!

Brush up on your Waterfowl IQ in our Waterfowl Gallery!

Special Events

Federal Duck Stamp Contest

The Federal Duck Stamp Contest rLearn More.eturns to Memphis next week and we need volunteers to help. Meet last year’s winner, Sherrie Russell Meline, and five-time winner, Maynard Reece, at a free panel discussion on Oct. 6.
Free Decoy Appraisals by the experts at Guyette & Schmidt on Oct. 5-7.
Want to learn duck calling from the experts? Join us Saturday, Sept. 30 at Memphis College of Art for our FREE Family Day celebrating Conservation Through Art!

Click here to learn more.

Mining for Wetlands

Strip mining for phosphate is as devastating to the land as its name implies-but a Florida law requiring the reclamation of mined lands proves that it doesn't have to stay that way. Jared gets a bird's eye view of brand-new wetlands, courtesy of one of the biggest mining companies in the world. 

Click here to preview this DU TV episode.

Premiers Sunday, September 24 at 9:30 a.m. Eastern on OLN.

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Online Auction

Bid Now!DU Flatware Set

Perfect for use at any dinner party, this beautiful 72-piece flatware is made of stainless steel and etched with the DU logo. The set includes 12 place settings. The flatware storage case is made of cherry-stained wood with a satin finish and features brass embellishments. Bidding for this item closes on Monday, September 25 at 9 p.m. CDT.

Bid Now!

DU Partnerships

New From Primos Hunting Calls

Duck Call and Whistle in One

Purchase this call at Primos!
If you’re like me, you've missed more than one chance to call a mallard drake or a whistling duck that may be coming by your spread, because you could not put your mallard call down and pick up your whistle quick enough.

That is why we built the Over & Under. It is a whistle over a mallard call. This allows you to simply move your lips up to the whistle to make a widgeon, teal, mallard drake grunt or pintail call. I can't tell you the number of times during our test phases with the call, that I was able to turn flocks of ducks right into our decoys for that close range shot. Available in single reed and double reed. For more information, please visit

I hope you will enjoy the Over & Under as much as I have.

Speak the Language.
Will Primos

2006 Ducks Unlimited Holiday Cards - It’s Time to Order!

Barton-Cotton has been DU’s holiday card partner for 20 years - and the 2006 collection of DU holiday cards has arrived! Visit our special Holiday Card Web site to view our unique selection and order today.

When you order online, you’ll also get:

  • FREE imprinting with your purchase of 3 boxes or more
  • 25 FREE personalized return-address labels
  • 25 FREE decorative holiday seals for your envelopes

Your purchase makes a difference in supporting Ducks Unlimited's ongoing wetlands and waterfowl conservation efforts.

Click here to order today!

Hunt & Home™ Wild Game Cooking

Hunt & Home is a DU volunteer program centered around home parties that introduce exclusive, unique products for wild game cooking.   The Venison Tacos, featuring DU sauces, are the perfect touch to any tail gate party or hunt club gathering.  Click here to shop online for sauces and other cooking products.


Combine olive oil with next 3 Budweiser - King of Beersingredients and toss with deer meat to coat evenly. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Remove meat and grill over a medium-hot grill until meat is seared to medium-rare. Allow meat to rest for 5 minutes, then sliced across the “grain” into thin slices. Place warm tortillas on surface. On the center of each tortilla, spoon equal portions of black beans, sliced venison, lettuce, sour cream and cheese. Fold tortillas over and serve immediately.



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The blue-winged teal is the third most numerous duck on the continent. Despite its diminutive size, it makes one of the longest migrations of any duck that breeds in North America, wintering as far south as Peru.

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