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5 Shooting Tips for Spring Snows

Follow this expert advice to bag more light geese this season

The Light Goose Conservation Order provides hunters with the opportunity to decoy hundreds, if not thousands, of snow geese into close range. The sights and sounds of so many geese in close proximity, however, can overwhelm even the most experienced shooters. These five tips offer useful advice on how to stay calm in the storm and shoot straight on spring snows.

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February Gear Guide

Light Goose Gear

At the first hint of spring, or even a stiff south wind, light geese will begin nosing north. For those willing to brave the unpredictable elements offered by spring snow goose hunting, quality gear is imperative. This compilation of light goose gear covers a wide range of equipment necessary for effectiveness and all-day comfort, including ammunition, blinds, decoys and much more.

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Wood Duck Box Resources

These wooden structures help boost local wood duck populations

The wood duck's unmistakable colors and squealing sounds separate it from nearly every other waterfowl species in North America. Wood ducks are perching ducks and cavity nesters, which means a wide range of management opportunities are available to waterfowl enthusiasts to personally lend a helping hand to local populations. Creating a wood duck box and strategically placing it can draw birds into an area and create a local population. Location and proper maintenance are the keys to successfully assisting wood duck breeding habits in your area.

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LGCO Migration HQ

Follow the geese

Don't put your gear away quite yet! The Light Goose Conservation Order is just getting started and the Ducks Unlimited Migration Map is the go-to resource for staying abreast of the light goose migration. Currently, a blizzard is ramping up across mid-latitude states – Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. This may hold geese in Arkansas and Missouri a little longer, but when the winds shift back to the south, light geese will be eager to push north.

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Understanding Waterfowl

Courtship and pair bonding

Experienced waterfowl hunters know that ducks respond differently to calling throughout fall and winter. Although habitat conditions, weather, and local hunting pressure can also play a role in the birds' willingness to decoy, courtship and pairing activities are responsible for many of the changes in waterfowl behavior observed during hunting season. A quick refresher on waterfowl mating systems is needed to appreciate the significance of courtship and pair formation to waterfowl.

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DU News: Recent Headlines

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  • Gear Guide: Light Goose Gear
  • Wood Duck Boxes
  • Courtship and Pair Bonding
  • LGCO Migration HQ
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Rescue Our Wetlands

Duck Dog

Decoy spreads and retrievers

Dog trainer Mike Stewart explains how to train your dog to deal with distractions like decoy spreads, motion decoys, and jerk strings.

DU TV Duck Dog with Mike Stewart

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Purina Pro Plan

Reducing stress to optimize performance in the field

DU Partners

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DU Online Auction

Wood Duck Decoy

DU Online Auction's featured item for February is a cast resin wood duck originally carved by Bob Kroese of Pella, Iowa. Hand-painted in exacting detail with a DU medallion inlaid in the felt covered bottom. The bidding will close on this item at 9:00 p.m. CST on February 8.

DU Online Auction

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Corporate Partner Spotlight

DU Partners

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Waterfowl Recipe

Roast Duck Done Right

Waterfowl Recipe

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