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Time-Tested Waterfowling Tips

Words of wisdom from DU members

All waterfowlers share a common desire to improve their hunting skills and, consequently, enjoy greater success in the marshes and fields. In an effort to source the greatest waterfowling tips, the editors of Ducks Unlimited magazine had to look no further than the organization's members and volunteers, whose ranks are filled with many of the world's most dedicated and experienced waterfowlers. The following is a selection of classic waterfowling tips submitted by DU members over the years, all of which are sure to help you become a more successful waterfowler.

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November Gear Guide

Game-changing gear of 2014

There is great waterfowling gear, and then there's gear that changes the way you spend your time in the field. The newsletter editorial team has selected 10 items which were featured in 2014—in Ducks Unlimited magazine or the DU Newsletter. The November Gear Guide is a compilation of these fantastic new products.

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Why You Should Go Bottoms Up

Feeder decoys add an extra degree of realism to your spread

Feeder-style decoys are not a new tool in the duck hunter's arsenal. In fact, waterfowling historians believe that floating feeders were among the first decoys used by early American waterfowlers. But today's decoy manufacturers have taken realism to the extreme, offering an array of feeder decoys in a variety of lifelike postures. Here are some useful tips from three veteran waterfowlers on how to use these decoys to bag more birds.

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Beards for Conservation

Put your razor away this season!

This fall, thousands of hunters and conservationists have given their razors a rest in support of DU's mission. Beards are growing, awareness of DU's conservation priorities is increasing and great prizes are being given away on Facebook. If you haven't signed up yet, now's the time! It's fun, simple and free.

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DU Pumpkin Carving Contest

Congratulations to Jody Hildreth for submitting the winning pumpkin! There were so many excellent submissions this year, it was very difficult to select the top five for the voting process. Here's a compilation of the best of 2014. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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Waterfowl Migration Map

Ducks Unlimited Migration Map: Follow the Migration Waterfowl migration alerts and resources bring timely, credible information

The 2014–2015 waterfowl migration has been sluggish due to unseasonably warm temperatures in Canada, but the DU Migration Map is buzzing now. As cold weather pushes through Canada and the northern United States, waterfowlers are reporting steady migrations. Find reports in your area!

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DU News: Recent Headlines

DU NewsDU reaches 1 million Facebook fans

Since 2010, Ducks Unlimited's Facebook page has grown brand awareness and loyalty while spreading the word about the organization's mission of waterfowl and wetlands conservation. DU's Facebook page reached a milestone in late October when it exceeded 1 million fans.

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More Headlines

Q&A with Tiffany Lakosky

Lakosky talks ducks and dogs with DU magazine
Photo: Jim Ringelman

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Flocking Together

Most waterfowl are often highly gregarious outside the breeding season
Photo: Tom Martineau

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Waterfowl ID

Touch up on your knowledge of numerous waterfowl species
Photo: Tom Reichner

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Favorite Member Photos

DU Favorite Member Photos Check out our editors' favorite selections from DU's Member Photos of the Day for the month of October.

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Waterfowl 360

The ultimate waterfowling resource!

DU TV Field Notes

Small spreads for geese

DU TV Host Wade Bourne explains that, in some situations, you don't need a large decoy spread to attract geese.

DU TV Field Notes

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Retriever Training

Building a retriever blind bag

Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels explains how to build a blind bag for your retriever.

Retriever Training Tip

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DU Member Benefit

Ducks Unlimited Holiday Card Center

Enjoy a wide selection of new full-color and deluxe designs, ornaments, puzzles, note cards and much more!

DU Holiday Cards

View the entire line of holiday cards and gifts today!

Corporate Partner Spotlight

DU Partners

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Waterfowl Recipe

Zesty Orange Duck Stir Fry

Waterfowl Recipe

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