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Ducks Unlimited Conservation Issues Briefing: Volume 1

Welcome to Ducks Unlimited's Conservation Issues Briefing

Dear Fellow Ducks Unlimited Supporter:

With more and more pressure being put on the resources that produce the waterfowl we love, it is clear that achieving our conservation mission will include a component that utilizes public policy. The senior science team and other leaders understood that when they constructed DU's Vision for the Future.

Policy is becoming increasingly critical to DU in order to complete our mission and achieve our habitat goals. This weekly e-newsletter is designed to be a quick-yet-informative update on the linkage that exists between the conservation and policy fronts, and, when appropriate, to provide information on how you can become involved in effecting positive outcomes for the ducks.

For more than 20 years, DU has had staff members dedicated solely to working on policy matters. For more on the history of our policy work, read "Conservation's Best Kept Secret" in the September/October 2007 issue of DU Magazine.

Keep an eye on DU's Public Policy homepage – – for all the latest developments on the policy front.

Expect to see frequent updates from Washington, D.C., and priority areas around the country as we work to promote public policy that helps create and protect critical habitat for waterfowl.

We hope you will find this e-newsletter to be a valuable resource, and that together we can fulfill our vision of skies full of waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever.

Don Young, Executive Vice President, Ducks Unlimited Don Young, Executive Vice President, Ducks Unlimited
D.A. (Don) Young
Executive Vice President
Ducks Unlimited

Current Issues

National magazine identifies Clean Water Restoration Act as top issue for sportsmen

Field & Stream magazine, one of the nation's largest publications providing news and information for hunters and anglers, has identified the Clean Water Restoration Act as the top policy priority for sportsmen. Read more

Winter wheat: sustainability in action for farmers, waterfowlers

Ducks Unlimited and Bayer CropScience are partnering to promote winter wheat – a crop planted in the fall instead of the spring – to farmers across the grain belt. Winter wheat is a boon to waterfowl, which can use the crop to nest and rear young. Read more

Minnesota governor signs historic conservation act

Ducks Unlimited members and supporters in Minnesota are cheering the passage and signing into law of a historic conservation act: the Legacy Amendment to the Minnesota state constitution. Read more

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