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  • 10 Late Season Duck Calling Tips
  • CRP Losses Astounding
  • Video Tip: Hunting Dogs in the Cold
  • Fowl Fact - King Eider
  • DU Partnerships

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Hunting Tips & Tactics

10 Tips from Top Callers

Expert waterfowlers share their secrets for calling late-season ducks and geese

by Wade Bourne

He was a grizzled old Arkansas guide with a double-barrel attitude. On this morning, he'd had a couple of clients in his party who wanted to help with the calling. “We'd have shot more ducks if they had left their calls in their pockets,” the guide grumbled. “There are duck callers, and then there are duck call blowers.” He undoubtedly felt that these two men belonged in the latter category.

Read these 10 Duck Calling Ttips!Sprinkled throughout North America, however, are hunters who truly have the gift of gab with waterfowl. They are genuine calling experts who know which sounds to make, and when to make them, to consistently pull ducks and geese into close range.

The following calling tips from 10 such authorities will help you bag more waterfowl and experience the special fulfillment that results from talking these birds down into the decoys.

Read these 10 Tips - Videos Included!

Conservation Reserve Program

DU says CRP losses astounding

National trend for habitat loss concerning

BISMARCK, ND, January 4, 2008 – The conservation organization Ducks Unlimited says it’s as if someone plowed up a three-mile swath of wildlife habitat across North Dakota, from its southern border to Canada. That’s how many Conservation Reserve Program grassland acres were lost in just this one state this past fall.

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Video Tip

Hunting Dogs in Cold Conditions

Cold conditions will zap a hunting dog's energy. Here's how to keep your dog safe and warm on those cold winter days.

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Did You Know?

Folw Fact

Click to read more about the King Eider.Few birds dive deeper than eiders. King eiders can reportedly descend to 100 feet or more, though their dives are normally much more shallow.

Learn more waterfowl facts in the Waterfowl ID Gallery.


DU Partnerships

United Country Real Estate

United Country Real EstateDucks Unlimited® and United Country® Real Estate have a strategic partnership with the objective of getting more hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational property into the hands of conservation minded real estate buyers.

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