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December 12, 2006 Edition

Hunting Tips & Tactics

River Hunting Strategies

Hard freeze is good time to hunt river ducks

Click here to read strategies for hunting rivers!Hunters with the right equipment and gumption can take advantage of flowing rivers and find some of the finest, least pressured shooting this sport offers. The timing must be right. Hunters must always be geared toward safety, and they must be adventurers at heart. But when these elements are in place, rivers can be the best of all waterfowling worlds !

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Tax-Deductible Donations

Remember the Ducks this Holiday Season

As we enter our 70th year of habitat conservation, your continued financial Click here to order online!gifts are critical to the work we do for the ducks.

Help conserve the wetlands and waterfowl habitats that need it most and take advantage of this special offer!

For your generous donation of at least $49, you will receive a special DU navy pullover-style windbreaker bearing the Ducks Unlimited logo.

What a great way to show your support of the world's most effective waterfowl and wetlands conservation organization!

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Waterfowl on the Move


Waterfowl on the Move!It's that time of year when changes in climactic conditions and daylight have migratory birds experiencing Zuginruhe.

It's the German term for pre migratory restlessness exhibited by birds, which could easily describe the restlessness shared by waterfowl hunters anticipating the next major flight of ducks and geese into their state. Here are a few migration facts while you fight off Zuginruhe.


Waterfowl Trivia

Know Your Ducks

So, you think your waterfowl IQ is pretty sharp? See if you can identify the name of the waterfowl species with following traits:

  • I have a crested head that is iridescent green and purple with a white stripe leading from the eye to the end of the crest (drake).

  • The male call is a thin, high, rising "jeeeeee."What is Your Waterfowl IQ?

  • Females utter a drawn-out, rising squeal, "oo-eek" when flushed, and a sharp "cr-r-ek, cr-e-ek" for an alarm call.

  • I prefer riparian habitats, wooded swamps, and freshwater marshes.

  • I breed across most of the central and eastern USA and southeastern Canada and along the Pacific coast from California to British Columbia. However, the highest breeding densities occur in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley.

Stumped? Click here for the Answer!

Brush up on your Waterfowl IQ in our Waterfowl Gallery!

DU Partnerships

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Hunt & Home™ Wild Game Cooking

Holiday Bread Pudding

Hunt & Home ™ is a DU volunteer program centered around home parties that introduce exclusive, unique products for wild game and everyday cooking.

Try this fabulous dessert for your holiday entertainment!

Please click here to shop the Hunt & Home online catalog for the seasoning and other cooking products. And, find out how you can make a difference for wetland conservation!


The day before: Prepare the bread per the directions on the box, but substitute apple juice and club soda for the beer. Bake and let cool. Break or tear into 1-2 inch chunks (don’t slice). Let the chunks stand overnight in a shallow dish so they can become stale and firm. Jack Daniels

The next day: Soak raisins 1-2 hours in bourbon. We suggest Jack Daniels Old No. 7® for terrific flavor. Drain the raisins, except for 1 tablespoon of liquid set aside for the egg mixture. Add raisins and walnuts to bread chunks. Toss all together, then place in a greased 8X8 glass or ceramic baking dish.

Blend egg, half & half, sugar, vanilla, bourbon (1 tablespoon reserved from raisins) and salt. Gradually pour egg mixture over bread so it fills the container and covers the bread. Refrigerate for 1-2 hours. Bake at 350° about 30 minutes or until golden brown on top. Serve warm with powdered sugar, caramel sauce or vanilla sauce.



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Waterfowler's Guide to Global Warming

Waterfowler's Guide to Global Warming















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