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November 1, 2006 Edition

Hunting Tips & Tactics

Tips for Hunting Ducks on Public Land

Click here to read more.Some days, public hunting areas provide top quality shooting, with plenty of ducks, a lack of pressure and birds rivaling those of the best private clubs.

Following are tips to improve your duck hunting success on public areas. This advice applies both to areas where hunters are allowed to freelance-hunt and where they are restricted to hunting from fixed blinds only.

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Better Waterfowling Video Tip

Click here to listen!The Secret to Pintail Whistling

DU TV co-host Wade Bourne and guest Tom McCaskill share a quick tip on how to effectively use a whistle to call pintail, widgeon and teal into your blind.

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Waterfowl Trivia

Know Your Ducks

So, you think your waterfowl IQ is pretty sharp? See if you can identify the name of the waterfowl species with following traits:

  • I’m a medium-sized duck characterized by a general lack of bright coloration.

  • I’m gray-brown, with a white belly, and a black rump (drake).What is Your Waterfowl IQ?

  • In flight, a white speculum and chestnut and black portions on the wing coverts are displayed.

  • I tend to begin breeding later than most ducks.

  • I breed near seasonal and semi-permanent wetlands, mainly in the shortgrass, tallgrass, and mixed prairie regions of the US and Canada.

Stumped? Click here for the Answer!

Brush up on your Waterfowl IQ in our Waterfowl Gallery!

Wetlands for Tomorrow

The Mallard Conservation InitiatLearn More About the Mallard Initiativeive

Found in all 50 states, the majestic mallard is North America's most popular duck. Mallards breed and migrate in all four flyways, but across the continent their habitats are under siege.

Ducks Unlimited's Mallard Conservation Initiative is a comprehensive plan to conserve the vast landscapes that mallards call home.

Online Auction

Canvasback Decoy

Bid Online Now!A cast reproduction of the original carving, this Canvasback decoy by Jett Brunet epitomizes the detailed feathering and distinctive softness that has earned the carver countless honors, awards and titles. A DU Special Edition medallion is proudly displayed in the bottom of the bird. Bidding for this item closes on Monday, November 6 at 9 p.m. CST.

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DU Partnerships

Bank of America: Be one of the first to carry the latest in outdoor gear

Apply today and be one of the first peopleApply Online Today! to carry the newest
Ducks Unlimited Visa® WorldPoints® credit card. We are now offering three new designs: the camo card featuring Advantage Max-4, a yellow Lab and a black Lab. Remember, every time you use this card to make a purchase, a contribution is made to Ducks Unlimited for the restoration and protection of wetlands for future generations at no additional cost to you.

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Click here to learn more.Yamaha - New for Fall

DU Edition Yamaha Grizzly and Rhino are Ready to Hunt

This fall season, Yamaha’s latest DU Edition vehicles -- the Grizzly 700 ATV and Rhino 660 Side-by-Side -- come ready to hunt, complete with Advantage Max-4TM High Definition Camouflage and accessories catering to outdoorsmen’s specific needs. Click here for more information.

Hunt & Home™ Wild Game Cooking

Pan Seared Duck w/Brandy Orange Sauce

Hunt & Home(TM) is a DU volunteer program centered around home parties that introduce exclusive, unique products for wild game and everyday cooking. The Pan Seared Duck w/Brandy Orange Sauce features our very own Lemon Lime Seasoning(R). This dish looks and tastes gourmet but you can prepare it in about 30 minutes. Serve it with the Atlantic Flyway Wild Rice(R) that is ready for the table in 15 minutes!

Please click here to shop the Hunt & Home online catalog for the seasoning and other cooking products. And, find out how you can make a difference for wetland conservation!

Directions: In a large pan over medium-high heat, heat 1 tablespoon butter with olive oil. Season duck with our Lemon-Lime Pepper Seasoning®. Add duck breasts to oil and brown lightly on both sides. In a jar or bowl, combine orange juice, brandy, orange zest, garlic and onion. Slowly add brandy mixture to pan and cook with duck until liquid is reduced to about 2 tablespoons or about 10 minutes. Remove duck breasts when medium-rare or your desired cooked level; be careful not to over cook. Allow to rest for a few minutes and keep warm until liquid is reduced. When liquid is reduced, whisk in chilled butter until melted. Immediately remove pan from heat and stir in orange segments and parsley, Pour mixture over duck breast just before serving.

Serve with our Atlantic Flyway Wild Rice Blend®, a delicious side dish offering cranberries, apples and savory herbClick to order!s.

For the perfect wine pairing, our Certified Wine Professional recommends the DU Cabernet Sauvignon. Remember that a portion of each wine purchase goes to support Ducks Unlimited's ongoing efforts to conserve wetlands for the benefit of waterfowl, wildlife, and people. For a list of retailers carrying DU wines or to order online, visit



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