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Introducing a young dog to geese

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 Posted 8/22/2014 7:03:58 AM

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I have an 8 month old male lab that I will be hunting geese over in a couple weeks.
Just curious as to how everyone here gets a young dog prepared to handle his first goose.
I own a Dokken goose bumper and have used it in the past with other young dogs but it always seems to promote a bad carry( usually the youngster drags this back by the head or tail because they can't get their mouths comfortably around the body).
We have trained all summer with live and dead ducks so real birds is not a problem but we have not used anything close to the size and weight of a mature honker.
In the past I have always started my youngsters in water where it is easier for the dog to handle a big bird then, after we shoot a couple, I toss them for the pup on land and let them get the hang of carrying it that way.
Just curious to see if anyone has a good idea for prepping a youngster for land work before the opener.
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 Posted 8/27/2014 7:50:15 AM

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Okay, so, since I didn't get any replies with creative ideas, I tried the goose Dokken with this pup. He actually did pretty well with it. 
I was going to try to post a picture of him holding it but the box to attach files pops up too high on my screen. I can only see the very bottom of the box. 
I love this site.
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 Posted 8/27/2014 8:09:01 AM

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In the way of getting him prepared, from what I have experienced, you've done everything you can, it is just up to the pup from there. The only thing I Highly caution is do not have him retrieve a cripple on his first goose retrieve. My father in-laws youngest lab her first season was last year and my father in-law wasn't paying attention to the dogs after he shot and wounded a goose the youngest went out automatically to retrieve and got beat bad by the goose. She has not retrieve another waterfowl bird since.

A success story for what you are doing, my cousins dog's first real retrieve was a downed goose, and she went out and retrieved it like she had been doing it forever. when all he did to get her ready was your standard fetch training with dummies and scent oils.
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