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Tips/ Tricks for a New Layout

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 Posted 7/5/2014 8:35:33 AM

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I've recently purchased a brand spanking new Final Approach Eliminator Pro Guide XL and I'm wondering about any tips and tricks to have it ready to go on its first trip? I've decided to paint instead of mud, any other tricks or tips you guys find helpful for a new layout... Thanks!
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 Posted 7/6/2014 8:21:47 PM

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Congrats on the new blind and I hope you enjoy the great success my hunting party has had for many years hunting out of laydown blinds. Having done this type of hunting for many years now we have learned a few things about concealment. We use Killer Weed for our base layer camo on these blinds and try to match our surrounding cover colors. This cover color can vary from dark green grasses to light tan or golden in color all the way to dark brown. I typically Mud my blinds but believe flat paint should work just fine. Concealment is the name of the game and using plenty of the natural vegetation from around you hunting location is a must for best results. Hunting from this position can make for some sore neck and shoulder muscles the first few outings. If you have not hunted from a laydown before you are in for a real treat and a few surprises! Learning how to properly position your blind for the best shooting and shooting well from it takes some getting used to. Mastering your calling from a laying down position and having your dog in the blind with you like I do presents a whole new set of challenges that can at times provide hours of entertainment for your fellow hunters as well.
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