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 Posted 8/2/2009 10:28:11 AM

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Was wondering If anyone else has been fortunate anought to get a British lab out of Mr.Robert Milners new Kennel, Duck Hills in Sumerville,Tn. If you can remember he started Wildrose Kennels in Grand Junction,Tn I,ve gotten two pups in the last two years and both are turning out to be very, very fine Gundogs I'll be running one in the spring british field trials that American Gundog Club is putting on. The thing that has impressed me more than the caliber of dogs is the quality of response you receive from Mr. Milner when you have a training question or problem he's always willing to help with any issues regardless if you bought the dog from him or not, he has a web site check it out. he has a few of the Legacy Labs Left one of them is mine. Hope to see all of you at the fall British trials. Boregards, Hog

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 Posted 8/24/2009 11:26:37 AM

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curious about Mr. Milner's pups

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 Posted 8/25/2009 1:15:16 PM

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Great kennel..... Great people.....

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