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problem with Tri-Tronics Multi Sport 2

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 Posted 9/30/2006 11:37:50 AM

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I purchased a Tri-Tronics Sport 50 collar about three years ago.  The system worked great, 1/2 was all that was needed to get a reaction.  I liked this collar so much, I went and bought a multi sport 2 system so I could control both dogs at the same time during training.  The problem I have is the new multi sport 2 system doesn't seem to get any reaction.  I've had it about six months.  I've been shocking the dogs on two and three and hardly get a reaction, sometimes no reaction at all.  I hate to go above three, but even if I do, there is about the same reaction as if I shocked the dog on a 1/2 with the Sport 50. 
Has anybody else had these problems?  Is there something I can do to correct it?  I sent an e-mail to tri-tronics customer service addressing this issue and didn't get the response I was looking for.  Hoping one of you experts on this board has some advice.  Thanks in advance.
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 Posted 9/30/2006 5:56:29 PM

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I am certainly not trying to insult you but some of those batteries have been known to be defective or marginal in performance at best especially the rechargeable ones.  IF you have the disposable kind, I would try a new set.  I would start there.

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 Posted 9/30/2006 8:19:39 PM

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It's late and my eyes are bleary, but if I understand you right, you don't think your new model is strong as the sport 50?

This may actually be the case.  Set it on the lowest setting and place the probes on your arm and see if you feel a difference between the old and the new receivers.

Over the last couple years the focus has become to use the least amount of stimulation as possible to get your point across.  Some collar manufacturers have toned down the static discharge a bit or offer more settings to compensate. 

It may just be that lvl 2 on your old collar is lvl 3 on your new collar.

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 Posted 10/1/2006 11:12:57 PM

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Throw it away and buy a Sport Dog!  J/KING it Might be 2is three on you collar. Idon't know

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