Dog stand
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By TheSleepyHunter - 6/25/2014 12:46:00 AM
This year will be my first season hunting with my lab.  I'm always hunting public land and either hiking in or taking my small boat out a ways then walk in some.  I'm most often sitting in 2ft of water so I'm looking for a good stand to keep my buddy out of the water, especially once it gets colder etc.  I generally carry everything on my back and on a sled so I can't have it weighing too much, anyone have any recommendations with ones that have worked out well for you?  Also any tips of things I can avoid or look for?  This rookie appreciates your help!
By ducker - 6/25/2014 11:18:25 AM
I have had the Avery stand for several years. I have dragged it into swamps on a sled like you are talking about. Usually put my other gear under it then bungee it down on top of everything. It works well as long as the mound underneath is not much higher than the sides of the sled. It is a bit heavy but has to be so it will not float up when set up in the water. 
In 2ft. of water you should not have to extend the legs when you set it up. The shortest setting should be fine.
It has a shoulder strap but I would not want to wade very far with it on my shoulder.
By TheSleepyHunter - 6/25/2014 7:29:13 PM
Good to know, thanks!  Do you find a stand w/out a blind attached is easier/better to use?

Or something like this...?|/pc/104791680/c/104715180/sc/103965480/MOmarsh-Invisilab-Dog-Blind/1644028.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Fdog-platforms-ramps-blinds%2F_%2FN-1105305%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_103965480%3Fgclsrc%3Dds%26WTz_l%3DSBC%253BMMcat104791680%253Bcat104715180&WTz_l=SBC%3BMMcat104791680%3Bcat104715180%3Bcat103965480
By ducker - 6/26/2014 6:02:50 AM
I have never used mine with a blind but that is a good idea and it is about the same price as mine was without the blind.
My concerns would be the added weight and ease of entry for the dog from deeper water. I didn't see if it said whether or not the blind was removable.
By TheSleepyHunter - 6/27/2014 4:59:46 PM
Good point, thanks for the feedback!