3.5 acre MSM Unit

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By NEHunter123 - 5/4/2014 5:27:05 PM

I am working out some plans on a 3.5 acre moist soilunit.  I have what I think are somefairly good plans to start this project. I have read MSM guides from the Corps. of Engineers as well as the manystate guides.  I believe this soil willhold water as it is already in an area with water present just a few yardsaway.  I am in the process of applyingfor the correct permits, but they all need to know how much fill or excavationwill be done on the project.  That iswhere my question comes in.  The guidessuggest a berm with a 5:1 or 6:1 slope. That requires a very large bottom base for the berm and I don’t have theequipment or money to construct that. We do not need to drive vehicles on topof this berm.  I am just looking to buildsomething that will hold back a maximum of 18 inches of water inside theimpoundment.  The area does floodannually in the spring and rarely in the fall. The Corp. of Engineer guide suggested that in an area that floods it isbetter to have a berm/levee that submerges quickly to avoid damage. I don’twant anything that will keep out flood waters as that would be way to large ofa project. Most years in the fall there are no problems with flooding.  I am looking for the specs of a berm thatwould be appropriate for these conditions. My current plans involve a berm with a base of 10ft. and a top width of2 ft and a total height of 2.5 ft.  Andthe perimeter of the berm is around 1879 ft. If I calculated that right I willneed approx. 1080 cubic yards of dirt for the berm.  I was planning on digging dirt from insidethe impoundment for this.  Wouldexcavating a 1/3 of an acre two feet deep give me enough fill for theberm?  Also assuming I have access to abobcat, a backhoe and possibly a dozer how long would something like this taketo construct? I would rent a dozer if that is what it was going to take to getthis project done right.  Once thepermits go through I will get some friends who have solid experience runningequipment. Can anyone see an area I am over looking? I attached a diagram of the project.

By Swamper - 5/15/2014 7:45:11 PM

check out this thread.  I completed a 3.5 acre impoundment a couple years ago.  very similar to yours.

I wouldn't dismiss the Army Corp berm detail construction.  even with only 18" of water you will need that 6:1 slope with a clay core to withstand the hydro pressure and more importantly, the muskrat dens that will quickly deteriorate your berms if they are built cheap.  if you skimp on the berms your impoundment will be junk in a few years.

this is a thread with pics of the rewards of a  well constructed impoundment.


good luck and keep us informed of your project.