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By exploder870 - 4/9/2014 7:22:16 PM
I have a eight week old male black lab pup i just got and i cannot think of a name, i would like something that is hunting oriented I water fowl hunt and also do a little upland. Please help!
By Swamper - 4/10/2014 7:20:18 AM
By ducker - 4/10/2014 5:28:23 PM
How about Swamper? Seriously, A dogs name is a personal thing. We own a kennel and name all of our dogs after ducks and geese. Some of the more popular names these days seem to be gear suppliers, Avery, Mojo,Cabela,etc.
By Silver Rancher - 12/14/2015 4:08:34 PM
I always lliked the name "Scout"
By jcropsey - 1/18/2016 10:05:31 PM
Well there's the KENNEL name and the CALL name.  I guess you'd like suggestions on a short call name.  Years ago, many owners avoided people's names, because that can become awkward :ermm:  My nephew is named Hunter, so probably not a good name for a dog of mine, except if I didn't like my nephew:crazy: (or his parents...:laugh:)  "BAD DOG HUNTER" would go over really well...  Using hunting related terminology can become problematical ;)  You may not want to name a dog Deke if you plan on him helping picking up, well, decoys:Wow:  I agree with the concept though and had come up with a really good name, which I am not at liberty to divulge:P  OK, OK the short call name would be 'BOOM', for my next dog:sick:  You can stop twisting my arm now:exclamationmark:  I have had a dog named "Bang", one named "Brave" and another "Magnum":D  I know someone that named a dog 'Hoover' because she was a vacuum cleaner on grouse scent in the woods.  Not exactly hunting, but closely related thereto (sort of).  Try to avoid names that sound like dog verbal commands:arrow:  I erred when I named a dog "Bacchus" 'BACKUS' so ended up calling him 'Bock Us', except he always had problems with the BACK command:w00t:  Because dogs have a hard time in distinguishing certain human sounds anyway, like 'B' from 'P', 'N' from 'M' and 'S's as I recall:doze::doze:  Oh, in parting, the pups mostly named themselves over time as their interests, personalities and proclivities develop:hehe:  So I'll likely never get a chance to name a dog 'BOOM' after all....so what did you name 'em?
By flannel - 1/24/2016 11:24:14 AM
By jcropsey - 1/24/2016 6:11:26 PM
Flannel, THANK YOU for the reminder, had a dog named Smoke too:exclamationmark:
By flannel - 1/27/2016 7:45:05 PM
jcropsey (1/24/2016)
Flannel, THANK YOU for the reminder, had a dog named Smoke too:exclamationmark:

No problem!:)