Game Care Question
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By Hassan - 1/16/2014 3:59:54 PM
I was asked recently why I didn't take my ducks to a butcher to get processed and I said it was easy enough to do it myself. Out of curiosity I called around and found that there wasn't a butcher willing to process ducks in Los Angeles. Anyone know of anywhere to get game processed anywhere near LA?
By Williamk8987 - 2/14/2014 12:32:14 PM
I can't speak about butchers in LA, but where I live most "game" butchers are actually butchers for supermarkets.   They take a little time off in the fall to butcher live stock and game meat.   If you want a butcher I'd say go to a farm or small gun and tackle store and ask around.  But, like you said game birds are easy why waste the money.