New to hunting
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By MDduckstarter - 12/6/2013 6:04:20 PM
I'm about to start hunting next season, I don't have any family members that hunt and it will be my first attempt at it. I will must likely be hunting public lands in Maryland my home state. ( away at college at penn state but transferring to Western Carolina for construction management). all tips would be gladly accepted please!
By muddymarshboy - 12/10/2013 10:48:50 AM
Hey MD---------Get a good book on duck huntin for beginners, there are many. Then hit your public area where you end up----the more you go, the more you will learn. If you run into someone who will mentor you, all the better. Enjoy every moment, and give yourself time to learn. 
By MDduckstarter - 12/10/2013 11:04:07 PM
Thank you for the tips!
By duckheadone - 7/17/2014 9:01:31 AM
Several ways.  First take a little free time to hang out an any hunting store and talk to the sales folks about where they would recommend going and possible people to meet.  Several years back, I went to a local DU event and sat at the table with a young college guy that had scraped together enough money for a ticket and introduced himself to everyone at the table as a student at the local college.  Several of us  took him on different days.  He had a great time with each hunt and met a lot of people in the community.  He graduated and left town, but I bet he is still hunting and taking people with him.
By Sectioneighthuntclub - 8/3/2014 7:50:20 PM
YouTube works wonders on calling and gear
By lew - 8/11/2014 9:34:21 PM
Find yourself some hunters that are willing to let you tag along with them. You will save money and time going with experienced hunters.