How many decoys?
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By DoubleShotBanks - 11/6/2013 7:34:49 AM
We are planning a hunt this friday to shoot some big Northern ducks :)
My dad and i though, are not sure if we should use the 18 decoys we always use, which are nice.
Or if we should go for numbers and use some of our older decoys and get a few dozen, even though they are not as life like and some of the paint is wearing off.
Would you go by numbers in this situation? Or do you think we should use the nicer ones only?
These are new ducks that are just showing up within these past 1-2 days, already sitting on the pond we plan to hunt.
Isaac and Banks
By Dpalmer1 - 11/6/2013 10:43:48 AM
That can go either way. I had some of the same questions as you. I did alot of research and the opinion varies. Some say huge spreads and some say little ones. I would take everything you have, wether you need it or not. Un-used dekes can be hidden in your blind or in your truck. For the big number style spread, put the older dekes on the outside edges, with the newest best looking right around your shooting hole. If you notice ducks doing fly-bys and not responding. Don't be afraid to run out and adjust your spread. Me personally, I like goose decoys on the outermost edge, followed by mallard decoys, and then sleepers and butt up feeders closest to the blind/shoreline. I'm sure that goes agaisnt many hunters ways, but once again, its what I personally like. I hunted with 5 doz decoys opening day zone 2 for OK. Had lots of ducks coming in. I say try em all and see how the ducks respond and what you like most. But most of all, good luck and have a great time hunting with your dad.
By stoeger3500 - 11/6/2013 7:59:35 PM
public or private land?
By DoubleShotBanks - 11/7/2013 11:09:08 AM
Normally private, but this time it will be public. Found that most of the bag of "old decoys" arent really that bad looking, so i will be using them. 
Heres another question, how should i spread them? we usually just make a group of them about 4 feet apart or so.. not sure if we should make two smaller groups with a gap in the middle or what.
Isaac and Banks