Gun box for a jon boat
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By Artlow - 8/23/2013 10:58:14 AM
I am looking into building a gun box for my 14 foot flat bottom aluminum jon boat.  I have built a standing floor out of 2x2's and I am looking to build the box on top of this floor and against the wall of the boat(at about a 45 degree angle) to help protect the guns, and also to hold some shells and stuff like that.  I have an idea on what to do, just curious if anyone has already done something similar in their boat.

By Honker-Konker - 8/25/2013 3:35:48 PM
I've saw a boat somewhere on the internet that turned a bench seat in a boat into gun storage. It was a pretty wide boat so I don't know if you boat is wide enough. It's a great way to add storage without taking up any room in the boat.
By Artlow - 8/25/2013 8:00:12 PM
My boat is not wide enough to do that.  I was thinking about building a box on the right side of the boat, in between the two benches.  Maybe making it out of plywood, and putting a truck bed liner on it for waterproofing.
By Honker-Konker - 8/25/2013 10:38:08 PM
That will work. Plywood won't last forever but you should be able to get a few good years out of it before it will need replaced. Get a quart of flat oil paint and smother the plywood with it to prevent some water being absorbed by the plywood. Oil paint will run if down the side so put multiple thin coats on it. After that just hit it will a rattle can or two of your choice of colors to camo it.

Also may have a couple drain holes in the bottom of the storage box incase water gets in there.
By Artlow - 8/26/2013 4:22:14 PM
Good idea on holes in the bottom, I hadn't thought about that, may also help with rain.  I may make the top piece be a little bigger than the box to try and help with water prevention