Planting Rice?
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By jbjb5273 - 6/14/2013 12:45:55 PM
Hey Everyone, I'm Jake. I own about a 20 acre swamp/lake here in Illinois. Its about 2-4 feet deep and I am looking into planting Rice for this coming season. Do you plant it in the water? Is Midwest Illinois to far north? I was just hoping for some basic information on planting food plots for waterfowl. The land I own cannot be drained and flooded so what ever I plant has to be able to grow in water.
By Swamper - 6/14/2013 4:35:45 PM
can't say as I know much about growing rice at this latitude.  not sure you have any better location for it either.  google it and see.

if you can't do much for the water level you will have to make some plantings along the edge of the swamp.  you could get some jap millet to grow and smartweed would do well also.

good luck
By hunter951 - 6/15/2013 9:11:27 PM
You live in Midwest Illinois? If you ever want to go hunting, I'm in that area too. Can't say I've ever seen rice here, but who knows.