Versa Max or Benelli Vinci
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By Tannerl9 - 2/11/2013 9:43:06 PM
Looking into getting either a Versa Max or a Vinci. Which do you think is the best??
By flannel - 2/12/2013 2:33:36 PM
Whatever fits you. Aside from that, you're comparing a softer shooting AMERICAN MADE gas gun that has won top awards from NRA, Field and Stream and American Rifleman AND is a DU sponsor, to an ITALIAN made hard kicking and extremely ugly "inertia" gun....just sayin. And YES, these are my personal preferences and YES I do own a Versa Max and love it. :D
By KappaSig1023 - 2/17/2013 5:16:38 PM
Go with the Vinci. I work at Academy Sports and Outdoors and I get to handle these guns on a daily basis.  Overall the Vinci is a much better feeling gun.  Its much much lighter and also has a much better shock absorbing system in the stock allowing for quicker and more accurate follow up shots in the event you need to.  At the Academy I work at in Hammond, Louisiana, we have the black vinci on sale right now for 899.88 so its also almost 300 cheaper than the versa max.  The only perk that I can see the versa max having over the vinci is that it will shoot three and a half inch shells whereas you would need to buy the super vinci to have that option.  Best thing to do would be go into a local gun retailer and hold each one to figure out which one feels better to you.  Like I said before, in my opinion, the vinci is the better bang for your buck and overall a much better gun.
By dloeks - 3/4/2013 12:56:43 PM
Yeah, are you talking super vinci or just the vinci?  You can get a fair price on a regular Vinci but some places will try to hit you for the same price as a versa and you still can't load 3.5".  If cost isn't an option, go pick up a few guns and see how they feel.  That's how I decided to go with my versa.  There are some horror stories with versas as far as defects but most of that is in the past.  I had a bad magazine cap on mine but Remington's customer service was great and sent me the part free of charge.  

Aside from that business, I love my versamax and so do my hunting partners.  So much so that I have to fight to get it out of their hands...long story short, when you get upwards of $1200 or so for a shotgun and you don't mind paying a little more or a little less then you just have to go and shoulder a few(even ones you aren't thinking about buying) and see how they feel.  In that price range it'll all just be details compared to the feel of the gun.
By USMC0341 - 6/1/2013 9:56:19 PM
I've been using the super Vinci since it came out and I love it! It fits well, fires smoothly, and when firing the shock absorbent is so good I can't tell the difference between 2 3/4 and 3 1/2!
By Duckcall32 - 7/18/2013 1:19:31 AM
I have a super nova and LOVE IT  just as good as Vinci but less money!!!!
By usmc duck man - 7/18/2013 5:24:37 AM
the new a 5  is in the same price range had mine and it is great
By Airborne28 - 8/7/2013 7:17:23 AM
Buy a Beretta A400. Way better
By Dolce - 12/3/2013 4:09:11 PM
I own the Nova and is an excellent comfortable gun. May look ugly to some but its got good quality parts, steel is excellent and is extremely comfortable in all shooting positions worth the money.
By Big Boy - 12/3/2013 6:19:53 PM
versamax. man's gun
By duckhunter99 - 12/7/2013 6:16:20 PM
Get the super Vinci 
By Jerret - 12/8/2013 9:36:57 AM
think about a Winchester sx3 you can get one for around $1000 and best bang for your buck had mine for 2 years and love it
By tristarhunter - 12/12/2013 2:37:03 PM
Versa Max but if I were you I would go for the SBE2
By kmhenry77 - 8/16/2014 11:49:15 AM
The Super Vinci is truly in a different league than the Remington, I owned them both.  Super Vinci all the way...