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By MrPDQuack - 9/19/2009 9:31:59 PM
I am looking for new game ideas for events, especially banquets.  Greenwing games also.  Anyone with ideas I would love to hear them.  Please give somewhat of an explanation due to games being called different names in different parts of the country.  Thanks in advance.
By Skip_OK - 9/20/2009 3:04:07 PM
A couple of standby games for us have been Pluck a Goose and Hi-Lo.

In Pluck a Goose, you have to sacrifice a full body goose decoy.  I saw one on sale last week for $17.00 and you can reuse the thing time after time.

 You drill 150 holes in the back, and then insert rolled up theater tickets into the holes.  Brfore you roll them up, you mark 50 ticket as $10, 50 as $ 5, and 50 free.  Do it so you cant see the makings until you "pluck" a ticket and open it up.

This mix will return $750, so pick a prize worth about 1/2 that; say a Nova or 870 shotgun.  Have the person running the game ring a bell or blow a whistle every time somebody gets a "Free" ticket.  This usually sells out even at smaller events

Hi-Lo is a card game.  We usually use a smaller prize like a 22 rifle.  It costs $5 to play, and the actual game is simple.  Turn over the first card and then the player has to guess whether the next one is Higher or Lower.  guess wrong and you lose; guess right and you keep going.  The object of the game is to quit without losing after making the longest streak of right guesses.

We make a board for this using a foam poster board (paper ones work, too) and blank Name tags.  Stick three or four rows of tags in a matrix on the board and place each card on a tag as you deal it, so everybody can see how the player is doing.  Once they get past whoever WAS in the lead, beofr eevery card they have to decie whether to go on or stop, if they stop, have them write their name or their bidder number on that name tag, and the next player has to beat THAT number.  It usually takes something like 15-20 right to win, but I have seen deals that went Ace, deuce, Ace, deuce and so on (no real decisions) for quite a while.

This works best when you have a crowd of fairly young guys playing "against" their buddies.  The actual prize seems to be less important that beating their friends, and if you can get a smart alec dealer who will tease them as they play ("you have a King and you're guessing 'Low'????  There are 5 cards higher, you know") that can make it even more fun.

Remember, if you prize costs $150, you will have to play 30 times just to break even, so if you have a small crowd, or one that doesn't really like to take risks they have a part in, this might not be for you.

Other staples are pretty simple.  Sell a deck of cards (52 to 54 chances) on a gun, with the cost set to meet whatever goal you may have for that item. 

One variation on this is to sell all but ONE of the cards, and have a "last man standing" raffle, by having the first 50 cards drawn as loser.  With one card left, Auction the held back card (for some reason this is always the Ace of Spades arouond here) as the first Auction item and then draw with the first card out the "last loser".

You can also do the same thing, sort of, by drawing until there are five cards left, getting those five players right up front and then asking each of them if they would like to auction their remaining cards, with half the money going to them and half going to the ducks.  I have never seen anybody takiing the auction, but I could see it happening.

We also sell chances on "pick of the litter"; 100 chance at $10 each and the winner can take any item from the live auction (ususally the Guns and other "big ticket" items are excluded).  Another similar thing is selling duck/goose bands for an item (again usually 100 @ $10) such as a Redlin print or something similar).

By jcsanders79 - 9/20/2009 8:56:55 PM
Skeet game.  You'll need 12 skeet and 2 dice.  We usually run 2 (300 people) so double it if thats the case.  Number skeet 1-12.  Players roll dice and turn over skeet that total the rolled total.  If they roll a 2 & 4 then they can either turn over the skeet numbered 2 & 4, 1 & 5 or 6.  Every skeet they turn over gets them a ticket (usually for 6 decs) with about 10-15 winners.  If they turn them all over then they get a special ticket for a larger item (usually a pump gun).  If no one turns all the skeet over then live auction the gun.  $10 a play or 3 for $20.  Its really popular!
By MrPDQuack - 9/20/2009 8:57:28 PM
Ship thanks so much for the ideas.. I really like the pluck the goose one!  Happy Huntin'
By WIhunter - 12/26/2009 9:28:21 PM
Did this at our first college night event.  We put the Marlin .22, a box of hot buy mallards, and a gun case up for winning.

Beer Pong, we had to call it duck pong as not to advertise drinking on campus.  In case you are not familiar beer pong you set up plastic dixie cups like you would bowling pins.  You got 3 shots for $5 and 8 for $10.  If you made it in one of the back corner cups you got a ticket for the gun, any other cup you got a ticket for the decoys or the gun case. We got the gun free, incentive program, so we spent $25 on the other 2 things and brought in $650 on the raffle

By DCDUchair - 3/22/2010 10:07:57 PM
By WIhunter - 3/22/2010 10:37:06 PM
Latest thing would be the game that ive only heard called "bags".

Two carboard piece with holes are placed about 15' apart and you throw bean bags and try and get them in the hole, I play this mostly while inebriated at Brewers baseball games but it made a good raffle.  2 throws for $5, 5 throws for $10.  Get ticket every time you make it in the whole.

By DCDUchair - 3/23/2010 2:58:59 PM
Thanks for all the ideas. Taking them to the committee tonight.
By Skip_OK - 3/24/2010 5:44:53 PM
I got a "professional" bean bag game from Mr. Wally World for $20.

You can play it with bean bags or with washers; just remove the top of the target box.

Washers are REALLY frustrating; if you miss just a little the thing bounce out of the box (no score) and it you get lucky and hit the center (pipe) target once, the next guy will bullseye all three or five without looking; "washers" is a big game around here and the most unlikely players are experts.
By CropseyJ - 4/27/2010 12:38:11 PM
We do 'Pluck-a-Duck', very similar to 'Pluck-a-Goose' but we use a cork working decoy and toothpicks.  No decoy to sacrifice and the toothpicks are reused.  The toothpicks have a colored end stuck into the decoy.  Black for one thing, red another, green, etc.

'Wood Duck Box Game' uses wood duck boxes and toy pistols that fire a rubber band.  1 shot for $5, 3 shots for $10.  Each time a band is shot through the opening, the shooter gets a ticket.  Set the distance so it's a little bit of a challange.

'Putting Game' uses golf balls and putters.  Use a carpet square scrap and duct tape it down on the event floor.  Make a four inch square of duct tape as the hole.  Give tickets for a put onto the carpet square.  Arm length for a 'hole in one'.  It's fun when you use a corner of the event or a corridor, for rebounds.  $5 a put, 3 for $10.

'Incomer' uses a stuffer hanging from the ceiling.  Set up a 'Blind' in your event hall, diagonals work best.  Have two close lipped committee members measure the distance from the 'Blind' to the 'stuffer' in feet only.  Keep it a secret.  People guess for a fee, we used a buck.  If it's guessed correctly, the winner gets half the pot.  If no one is correct, DU keeps it all.

By tophorsecop - 8/29/2010 11:29:06 AM
Variation on the bean bag toss game...took used(leaking) decoys 1 teal, 1 mallard, 1 honker...cut a 2" diameter hole in the teal's back, a 4" hole in the mallard's back and a 6" hole in the goose's back...then set the decoys on the floor about 15' from the "line"...gamers buy shells(empty shotshell hulls) 5/$5, 12/$10, 25/$20...the payoff is 1 raffle ticket for each shell in the goose, 3 for a shell in the mallard and 5 for a shell in the teal, usual prize is either a handgun, an 870 express, or a duck hunters package(2 dozen NIB decoys, a duck call, a floating gun case, a decoy bag and a blind bag, approx $300) with about 200 in attendance we usually double/triple the cost of the prize and give the "skill" players a game they perceive as a test! 
By J&R Game Calls - 8/31/2011 9:35:08 AM

I attended the Adirondack DU chapters banquet a few weeks ago, they had a cow trough set about 15 yards from the thrower who was throwing a dog bumper, what they did was you were given 3 throw for 5 bucks , greenwings could get about 10 yards from the trough.

If you got the bumper in the trough you were given a raffle ticket which went into a bucket. The green wings were given a diffent color ticket.

the prize for the adults was a Zink Money maker. the Green wing prizes were a few cheaper end $ 25 zink calls

hope this helps it was a huge hit here

Jordan LaMay

J & R Game Calls