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By smokeyj - 3/12/2007 12:48:53 PM
I am looking for a D.U. print that was the print of the year in 1998 that was called "FRIDAY MIXERS". If any-one has that print and would like to get rid of it please contact me. The artist is Harold Roe.
By jenks - 3/12/2007 11:06:08 PM
Dear Steve,
I have many print's from 98 to 2003 from D.U. baQ's that i
attended over the years.  I have know idea what i have and if it's
even worth something at all?  My parent's always have told me to throw them away, but i decided i'd keep'em.  How do you even know the worth of them?
Some  i payed $600 to $1600?   they are all in perfect condition and they hang
in the living room as of now!  I believe that some of the names are on the bottom signed by the artist and the number of copies?  i sure would appreciate
any help that i could get on the value of these fine print's? 

#1.  Chocolate Sunrise by David Lanier 1996  (this is one of myfavorites!  Once I had a beautiful chocolate labrador retriever marked exactly like the one in this print)

#2.  Down From The North by Cynthie Fisher 1998

#3.  Specs In Time With Hawkin's At Foss by ? 1998

#4.  Autumn Wings by Phillip Crowe 1998

#5.  Hideaway by Stephen Hamrick  ?  (two fawn's with a large Buck)

#6.  2 pintails by Gerald Mobley winner of 83 and 85 stamp contest...211/700

#7.  Monday Morning Commute by Harold Roe, 2000 Oklahoma D.U. sponsor 
       print, 474/1500  

#8.  Ducks Unlimited "Waterfowl in Wood" Series "CURRITUCK CANS"
        edittion # 2 number 222 also autographed by Vern Berg 1983

these are a few right now that i would like to know the value if anyone know's?  I truly love the sport of hunting and collecting, my collection has alway been well maintained!  

thank you for your time Thomas C. Bryant
2007 D.U. member..............  
By smokeyj - 3/13/2007 4:03:07 PM
I'm not sure what the prints are worth and like you I also have several and would like to know the value. If at any time I come across some-one that knows I'll be sure and send them your way.
 The reason I'm looking for "FRIDAYS MIXERS" is that I acquired a  decanter  with that picture on it  and was wanting the print to go with the bottle. I'm not sure what I would give for it but I was willing to try anyway. It looks like a beautiful print with Woodies flying in to a slough.
 Thanks for replying and I wish you luck.
           Steve Keister  McLean County D.U. Chairman, Kentucky
By jenks - 3/13/2007 6:28:05 PM
Thank You for your time sir.