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Fun and Fabrics Help Raise Funds for Ducks Unlimited


Fun and Fabrics Help Raise Funds for Ducks Unlimited

GREEN BAY, Wis., Jan. 27, 2006 – Kim Vanden Avond knows the key ingredient for a successful Ducks Unlimited chapter is fun and that the key ingredient for a great display table is beautiful fabric. Her drapery business, R&R Drapery and Interior Design, has been decking DU’s display tables in Green Bay for 15 years.

DU has always been a family affair for Avond. Her grandfather, father and brother were members of DU and her mother joined a ladies chapter in 1990. Now, Avond, along with her mother, Roma Gettleman, helps with the Sturgeon Bay, Luxemburg and Pulaski Howard ladies chapters, DePere men’s chapter and a Green Bay chapter. Her husband, Carl, is a dairy farmer in Green Bay who has 90 cows on his family farm. He lends a hand for the cause whenever he can.
DU Volunteer Kim Vanden Avond

Avond is proof that volunteering is not only important, but it is also rewarding. “Our main focus is having fun. Fun is the key ingredient. We have fun at our dinners and at our meetings.”

By using her talents as an interior decorator and her eye for beauty, Avond is able to create an aesthetically pleasing set-up at DU events that makes an impression on members right when they walk in the room.

Avond not only creates beautiful physical displays, but she also understands the importance of creating a warm, family environment for her meetings.

“When we get someone new, we get them involved and ask them to help,” said Avond. “Make each person feel special. You’ll meet new friends; friends who are invaluable.”

Every volunteer has something special to contribute to the common goal of DU. Kim Vanden Avond recognizes that, with a little embellishment, volunteering for DU can be a lot of fun. 

In honor of DU volunteer Week, Jan. 30-Feb. 4, Ducks Unlimited is sharing stories about some of the terrific volunteers who support DU throughout the country.
If you’d like to become a volunteer and join the thousands who are working to make a difference for future generations, click here to find out how you can make a difference.

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