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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited Awards PG&E Its Prestigious Golden Teal Award

PG&E Donates More Than $100,000 of Large Diameter Pipe to Ducks Unlimited’s Wetlands Conservation Effort. 

LIVERMORE, Calif., Jan. 23, 2006 –  Ducks Unlimited presented the Golden Teal Award to Pacific Gas and Electric Company for continued environmental leadership and good corporate citizenship. The award acknowledges the company’s ongoing donation and transportation of salvaged gas transmission pipe used for wetland habitat restoration at several state wildlife areas and national wildlife refuges in California.

“Just as Africa is famous for its savannah wildlife, and South America is known for its tropical rain forests, North America is renowned for its vast migratory waterfowl found from Alaska to Mexico,” said Dr. Frederic Reid, director of conservation planning for Ducks Unlimited. “The special habitat found along key migratory routes in California provides critical winter resting and feeding areas for waterfowl. PG&E’s efforts to help restore critical wetlands in the Central Valley have been tremendous.”

“This has been a perfect partnership for PG&E,” said Robert Howard, vice president of PG&E’s Natural Gas Transmission department. “We are able to recycle pipe that is no longer useful for carrying high pressure natural gas and support the noble efforts of Ducks Unlimited at the same time.”

To date, PG&E has donated more than 1.6 miles of large diameter pipe to Ducks Unlimited for use in wetlands water delivery systems. Recent donations were used on project sites at the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, Los Banos Wildlife Area, Volta Wildlife Area, Colusa National Wildlife Refuge, Lost Hills Wetlands and Grasslands Water District. Future deliveries of pipe are expected to continue through 2006 and beyond.

Steve Brown, senior vice president for Ducks Unlimited South Pacific Region; Dr. Rudy Rosen, Western Regional Office director of operations; and Dr. Frederic Reid, director of conservation planning presented the award to Robert Harris, vice president of PG&E’s Environmental Affairs department and Robert Howard, vice president of PG&E’s Natural Gas Transmission department.

Ducks Unlimited’s Golden Teal Award is given to individuals or organizations for contributions of goods, services, merchandise or cash valued in excess of $100,000.  Previously, DU awarded PG & E its Silver Teal Award for a 2001 donation of pipe to assist wetland management on the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area and Nevada’s Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge.

: Dr. Fritz Reid
(916) 851-5315

Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America’s waterfowl.  These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people.  With more than a million supporters, Ducks Unlimited is the world’s largest and most effective wetland and waterfowl conservation organization.  The United States alone has lost more than half of its original wetlands—nature’s most productive ecosystem—and continues to lose more than 100,000 wetland acres each year. 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company incorporated in California in 1905, is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. Based in San Francisco, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. Pacific Gas and Electric Company's primary business is the transmission and delivery of energy. The company provides natural gas and electric service to approximately 15 million people throughout a 70,000-square-mile service area in northern and central California. The service area stretches from Eureka in the north to Bakersfield in the south, and from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Sierra Nevada in the east.


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