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Full episodes for the 2012 season are available online now! Click on the episode titles below to see a show description, preview it and watch the episode online. And don't forget: the 2013 season of DU-TV is airing now through December on the Outdoor Channel! Visit www.ducks.org/dutv for more information.

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"2012 DU-TV Season Preview" Ep. 1 - "Rhode Island Sea Ducks"
Ep.2 - "Mississippi Alluvial Valley Mallards" Ep.3 - "Louisiana Gulf Coast"
Ep.4 - "Saskatchewan Freelancing" Ep.5 - "Central Alberta Ducks"
Ep.6 - "DU's 75th Anniversary Special" Ep.7 - "North Dakota Field Hunt"
Ep.8 - "Devil's Lake" Ep.9 - "Nebraska Youth Hunt"
Ep.10 - "Stuttgart Ducks, Specks, and Calling Contest" Ep.11 - "Arkansas Specks and Snows"
Ep.12 - "DU Science and Conservation" Ep.13 - "Best and Worst of 2012"

"2012 DU-TV Season Preview"

Are you ready for waterfowl season? Get in the blind with the 2012 Ducks Unlimited Television show, beginning the first week of July.

Ep.1 - "Rhode Island Sea Ducks"

Mike and Huntley travel to Rhode Island for a once-in-a-lifetime sea duck hunt. While there, they learn about the science behind sea duck conservation efforts and the current lack of data on sea duck populations. Wade explains how to set out decoys using "long lines" for hunting big water.

Ep.2 - "Mississippi Alluvial Valley Mallards"

The DU-TV crew is not immune to the conditions that affect all duck hunters. After being frozen out of the action in Mississippi, they pick up and cross the river into Arkansas where, after getting a truck stuck in the mud, they finally find a mallard honey hole and have one of their most memorable hunts ever. In the Better Waterfowling Tip, Wade gives us four tips for better wingshooting. Viewers also learn about the importance of habitats in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley for wintering and migrating waterfowl.

Ep.3 - "Louisiana Gulf Coast"

The Louisiana Gulf Coast is the southern terminus of the Mississippi flyway. The area contains some of the most important wintering habitat for North America's waterfowl and some of the flyway's most spectacular sporting opportunities. Mike and Huntley travel to Louisiana to sample the legendary hunting and fishing and to learn more about the tragic loss of wetlands there. Louisiana is losing wetlands faster than any other state—25 square miles per year. Wade teaches us how to use species-specific calls for more productive hunting.

Ep.4 - "Saskatchewan Freelancing"

DU-TV heads north of the border—to the heart of the Duck Factory—for some memorable early season duck and goose hunting. The Prairie Pothole region of North America is one of the most important areas for breeding ducks, so it has been a major focus of DU projects for 75 years. Also, Wade gives us tips for finding birds on a do-it-yourself hunt in Canada.

Ep.5 - "Central Alberta Ducks"

This episode finds the crew in the middle of some of the most important duck breeding habitat in North America. Mike joins DU Canada staff to experience classic hunts for dabblers and divers and to learn about habitat projects in the area. The crew visits a project named in memory of Rollie "Papa Duck" Remmel, one of DU's most recognizable and beloved supporters. Wade shows us how to build a portable blind in this episode's Better Waterfowling Tip.

Ep.6 - "DU's 75th Anniversary Special"

Ducks Unlimited turned 75 in 2012. This episode celebrates that milestone and reviews the many accomplishments of the organization over the years. Conceived by duck hunters during the dust bowl days of the 1930s, DU has grown into one of the most effective conservation organizations ever, conserving more than 13 million acres of wetlands and other important habitats across North America. From the beginning, DU has found success through the efforts of volunteers. Today, those volunteers continue to provide the funding needed for DU's conservation mission, hosting more than 4,000 fundraising events across the country every year.

Ep.7 - "North Dakota Field Hunt"

Mike and Huntley head to the US side of the Prairie Pothole Region to experience an incredible field hunt for mallards. Viewers get a special treat as Mike's young dog, Buddy, goes on his first hunt. Though drought can be a problem in the PPR, Huntley gets an aerial view of the area around Devil's Lake, which has had a problem with too much water. And Wade tells us how to deal with hunting while facing directly into the sun.

Ep.8 - "Devil's Lake"

After getting shut out of a hunt on Devil's Lake last year due to weather, Mike and Huntley return to pursue divers on big water. Canvasbacks are the highlight of this hunt, as well as an incredible retrieve by Mike's 8-year-old lab, Elvis. Wade explains how to be safe and productive when hunting big-water rivers and lakes.

Ep.9 - "Nebraska Youth Hunt"

Few things are more important to conservation than getting our kids involved in the outdoors. This episode of DU-TV is focused on introducing some young Nebraskans to waterfowl hunting along the Platte River. The kids enjoy some exceptional duck and goose hunting with Huntley and also learn how DU projects are helping conserve and restore habitat along the Platte, which is a key area for migrating waterfowl. In this episode's Better Waterfowling Tip, Wade explains the best ways to introduce kids to hunting.

Ep.10 - "Stuttgart Ducks, Specks, and Calling Contest"

Stuttgart, Arkansas, is widely known as the Duck Hunting Capital of the World. Mike hosts Huntley on his first visit to Stuttgart during the annual Wings Over the Prairie Festival and World Championship Duck Calling Contest. The crew also heads to the flooded timber for wood ducks, and to nearby rice fields for mallards and specks. Then they visit Bayou Meto, one of the largest waterfowl conservation projects in the country, and learn how these kinds of projects provide important wintering habitat for ducks in the Mississippi Flyway. Wade teaches viewers how to use contest-calling techniques to get the attention of ducks at long range.

Ep.11 - "Arkansas Specks and Snows"

The area around Stuttgart Arkansas is a Mecca for waterfowl hunters and for wintering waterfowl. The area's rice farming, ducks and geese are linked together in this special area. The DU-TV crew heads to the rice fields around Stuttgart for an early season chance at snow geese and specks. In this episode's Better Waterfowling Tip, Wade explains how to use motion decoys in your goose spread—and when not to use too much motion.

Ep.12 - "DU Science and Conservation"

Science is the foundation for all of DU's conservation work. In this episode, DU researchers and biologists in the Prairie Pothole Region show us how on-the-ground science is helping us understand how winter wheat can improve nesting success on the prairies, and how duck banding programs help us track waterfowl populations and distribution. Wade Bourne how becoming a DU volunteer can raise funds for this important research and on-the-ground habitat work.

Ep.13 - "Best and Worst of 2012"

This episode looks back on the season, remembering some of the best, worst and most humorous moments from 2012. There are days when nothing was flying. Other days when the crew limited out early and just sat to watch birds continue to pile into the decoys. There are missed shots, amazing shots, phenomenal retrieves, and some of the weirdest weather you've ever seen. Finally, there are stories from across North America that show how DU's conservation work is making hunting dreams come true, and how DU volunteers keep working to keep habitat on the ground and ducks in the sky.


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