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One Day on the Big Horn Big Water & Harlequins
Traditions Run Deep Firewater Lodge
Fieldwork in Canada Mining for Wetlands
Flying Dogs & Family Freelance Biologists
Double Play Small-spread Snow Geese
Modern Layouts The Sport of Kings (Bird vs. Bird)


One Day on the Bighorn River

Some days are just destined become legendary, and Marc finds one with his Montana hunting buddies on the Bighorn River. Great bird action, several epic retrieves, and the beauty of Big Sky country: it all adds up to a season kick-off you won't want to miss.

Traditions Run Deep

Traditions in duck hunting run as deep as swamp mud, and it doesn't get any deeper than the Port Bay Hunting Club on the Texas Gulf Coast. Marc and Jared get a taste of history and a Texas-sized portion of wingshooting, bay style.

Fieldwork in Canada

Whoever thought waterfowling could be work? Fred Zink and Field Hudnall (Avery Outdoors, Zink Calls) are so good at hunting birds they get paid for it. Marc and Jared get a peek at some Saskatchewan field work with a couple of masters-and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Flying Dogs & Family

If there's anything better than hunting over spectacular dogs, it might be hunting with family. Wade gets a double dose with a hunt alongside Big Air champion dog Sly (a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, no less!) and his owners, as well as some quality time with the McCaskills, an Oklahoma duck-hunting clan.

Double Play

A smoothly-turned double play is baseball's equivalent to a perfectly executed call-and-shoot. Jared hosts two very special guests at the Cajun Outback in Texas: pivot men Mark Lemke, formerly of the Atlanta Braves, and Hall of Famer Bill Mazeroski, who rocked the world with his Series-winning homer for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1960 World Series.

Modern Layouts

If there's a better way to hunt ducks, you know Wade Bourne will find it. This week he goes old-school with a modern twist: hunting out of old-timey marsh boats given a new treatment by a couple of Missouri hard-core hunters.

Big Water & Harlequins

DU President Jim Hulbert joins Jared for a big-water hunt in the Pacific Northwest's Puget Sound. In addition to some stellar sea-duck hunting, Jared gets the chance, with the aid of Mike Wolsky and Wings & Waves, to fulfill a lifelong duck hunter's dream: a shot at the gorgeous and elusive harlequin duck.

Firewater Lodge

Justin Tackett and his Lab Yella just may be the most famous hunter/dog tandem out there, but it hasn't gotten to their heads-yet. Wade joins Justin, Yella, and DU Director of Communications Gregg Patterson and his son Bennett for some stellar action in the prairie potholes of South Dakota.

Mining for Wetlands

Strip mining for phosphate is as devastating to the land as its name implies-but a Florida law requiring the reclamation of mined lands proves that it doesn't have to stay that way. Jared gets a bird's (and gator's!)-eye view of a brand-new wetlands, courtesy of one of the biggest mining companies in the world.

Freelance Biologists

What do waterfowl biologists do when they're not on the clock? Field research, of course! Wade joins a bevy of DU bird experts on their annual trek to the mecca of freelance duck hunting: the prairie potholes of North Dakota.

Small-spread Snow Geese

Because snow geese are eating themselves out of their northern tundra breeding grounds, waterfowl officials in the US and Canada are actively using hunters to control their population. Marc and Jared do some big-time conservation work on the Texas Gulf Coast, over the most Spartan of decoy spreads.

The Sport of Kings (Bird vs. Bird)

It's long been regarded as the Sport of Kings, but falconing remains alive and well for a small group of modern practitioners. Marc joins Kate Davis of Montana's Raptors of the Rockies and her peregrine falcon, Sibley, for a lesson in raptor hunting and a breathtaking stoop and kill on a late-season greenhead.


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