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New officers and directors to the DU Board elected


MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 13, 2007 – Ducks Unlimited’s Council of State Trustees and National Delegates recently voted in a new slate of officers and directors for the organization’s Board of Directors. The elections took place at DU’s 70th Annual Convention in Anchorage, Alaska, May 25-26.  

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. National Officers

W. Bruce Lewis, President, Natchez, MS
James E. (Jim) Hulbert, Chairman of the Board, Longview, WA
Don A. Young, Executive Vice President, Memphis, TN
John R. Pope, First Vice President, Jacksonville, FL
Stephen C. Reynolds, Secretary, Memphis, TN
John W. Newman, Treasurer, Metarie, LA
James C. Kennedy, President, Wetlands America Trust, Atlanta, GA
James C. West, Corporate Executive Secretary, Memphis, TN 

Senior Vice Presidents (Advisory to the President)

Membership - Sandra L. (Sandi) Beitzel, Manitowoc, WI
Marketing & Communications - Jared D. Brown, Clearwater, FL
Conservation Programs - George Dunklin, Jr., DeWitt, AR
Youth & Education - Carla Hopp, Newberg, OR
Event & Volunteer Management - Rogers Hoyt, Jr., Uvalde, TX
Development - A. Kel Long, III, Atlanta, GA
Growth & Innovation - John R. Pope, Jacksonville, FL
Corporate Relations - Doug Schoenrock, Fayetteville, TN

Senior Vice Presidents (Flyways)

Region 1 - Thomas H. (Tom) Jones
Region 2 - Paul Ralstin
Region 3 - Ken Durdahl
Region 4 - Steve Marasovich, Jr.
Region 5 - Lon Knoedler
Region 6 - Doug Burch
Region 7 - Jack G. Moss
Region 8 - Steve Dey
Region 9 - Mike Panos
Region 10 - Luke Laborde

Regional Vice Presidents

Region 1 - Paul R. Bonderson, Jr.
Region 1 - Roy Christopherson
Region 2 - Bruce Posey
Region 3 - Rick Berg
Region 4 - W.G. (Bill) Townsend
Region 5 - Bruce B. Deadman 
Region 6 - Keith Helland
Region 7 - H.J. (Beto) Elizondo
Region 8 - B.J. Foster
Region 9 - John Cushman 
Region 9 - Peter T. MacGaffin
Region 10 - Monty Lewis

At-Large Members

Bill Aldinger, Jr.
Ron Bartels
Mike Benge
Brad Billingsley
David Blakemore
Gary Burrus, Jr.
Steve Cook
Jimmy Flynn
Terry Fuchs
Lloyd Goode
Gene M. Henry
Allan Hopp
James D. Konkel
L.J. Mayeux, Jr., M.D.
Ronal Roberson
Clay Rogers
Kyle Swanson
Nora Taylor
Julius Wall
Stephen Whatley

National Staff

D.A. (Don) Young, Executive Vice President
Randy L. Graves, Chief Financial Officer
W. Alan Wentz, Ph.D., Senior Group Manager of Conservation Programs
James L. Young, Group Manager, Volunteer Leadership & Grassroots Fundraising
Dan Thiel, Group Manager, Development
Linda Schoenrock, Group Manager, Marketing & Communications
James C. Boyd, Group Manager, Management Information Systems
Wayne Dierks, Group Manager, Human Resources
James C. West, Corporate Executive Secretary

Wetlands America Trust

One Waterfowl Way, Memphis, TN 38120
(901) 758-3825
James C. Kennedy, President, Atlanta, GA
Don A. Young, Chief Operating Officer

International Officers

Ducks Unlimited Canada
C. Neil Downey, President
Peter Carton, Chairman  

Ducks Unlimited de Mexico

John A. Tomke, President

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