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New York City Diamond Event Sponsorships

Tickets, Exhibitors and Underwriters' Guide

Celebrate wetlands where it all began—New York!

Please join Ducks Unlimited at the Waldorf Astoria for the inaugural event of our 75th anniversary celebration. Ducks Unlimited represents the very best in conservation, and we invite you to join dignitaries, corporate and conservation leaders and philanthropists from across North America. The spectacle will be grand, and the chance to participate once in a lifetime! Click here to see Proud Supporters of this event.


Space is limited to 20 vendors. In order for an individual or company to be considered an exhibitor for this event they must be willing to make a cash donation or a tangible gift donation of $5,000 or greater.

$5,000 item donation or greater:
If an exhibitor makes a donation of a $5,000 item or greater (for example, an exclusive hunting trip, vacation rental property, high-end firearm or other merchandise or service), the following will be provided:
  • Two free dinner tickets to the event
  • Exhibitor space
  • Business card size ad in the evening's program. (Ad to be supplied by the business)
  • Link on the NYC event website
  • Display of a corporate banner in the event venue. (Banner parameters to be provided by DU)
  • Reserved seating
If an exhibitor does not wish to donate an item with a value of $5,000 or greater, but would like to be an exhibitor during the event, the cost is $5,000. The exhibitor will be provided with two dinner tickets as well.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorships are available to any company or corporation making a cash donation of at least $10,000 or more.


$10,000—"Teal Event Sponsor"
  • 5 dinner tickets
  • Exhibitor space
  • National recognition as a Ducks Unlimited Gold Sponsor
  • 1/2 page ad space of sponsor's design in the evening's program
  • Link on the NYC event website to their business
  • Banner at event
$20,000—"Canvasback Event Sponsor"
  • 10 dinner tickets
  • Exhibitor space
  • Full page color ad in the evening's program
  • National recognition as a Ducks Unlimited Life Sponsor
  • Name on the Birthplace Plaque
  • Link on the NYC event website
  • Logo on the NYC event invitation (deadline of November 18th)
  • Recognition as a Cocktail Party Sponsor
  • Banner at Sponsor reception and event
$50,000—"Waterfowl Heritage Sponsor" and $100,000—"Event Legacy Sponsor" are also available.
Please contact Ray Ilg or Matt Fenoff for details, special considerations and logistics (contact information below).

To reserve tickets, contact lbirch@witterassets.com or call (212) 753-7878.

Contact information

Matt Fenoff: (518) 872-2002/mfenoff@ducks.org
Ray Ilg: (603) 748-3111/rilg@ducks.org
Libby Birch: (212)753-7878/lbirch@witterassets.com

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