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New York City Diamond Event Committee

Fellow Supporters,

It is my privilege and pleasure to serve as the Chairman of Ducks Unlimited for a second year. This is especially true as we celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2012. In celebration and recommitment to the conservation of our wetland and waterfowl resources, we will be holding our Annual New York City Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012. It is the goal of this committee to make history once again, 75 years aft er it all began. We are determined to show that the city that produced many of America’s conservation leaders is still a place of uncompromising commitment to preserving the very best of this continent’s natural treasures.

In 1937, Ducks Unlimited was founded here in New York City. It was a time of high unemployment, manufacturing output was low and personal income was steadily decreasing. A major flood along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers caused millions to lose their homes in Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois. The prairie farm economy was collapsing. Some predicted the end of America’s bread basket and the country as a whole. Despite the uncertainty, conservation leaders stepped forward in that turbulent time and birthed what we know today as Ducks Unlimited. Our mission remains unchanged from that time, and in difficult times, we find opportunities.

In 2011, we had weather anomalies, a nuclear meltdown, radical market volatility and political unrest. These are unprecedented cultural, economic and industrial changes going on in our country, not unlike the time when Ducks Unlimited was founded. The mandate however, is the same. We continue to be called upon to protect and restore this nation’s wetland resources. Generations of conservationists that are part of Ducks Unlimited New York continue on as pillars of the conservation movement. More than 12 million acres of restored and protected habitat is the legacy of the first three-quarters of a century of our “singleness of purpose.” Early pioneers who formed the backbone of the modern-day conservation movement would be pleased with the result. That said, all good things only come to an end when we think of the job as done, which is why we are counting on your continued support. 

To that end, we invite you to join us for the 75th Annual Ducks Unlimited New York Dinner. In attendance will be corporate and conservation leaders and philanthropists from across North America. Just as they represent some of the strongest supporters of conservation and land restoration, you symbolize the very best of Ducks Unlimited.

This site contains information that details the event; ticket costs, opportunities for underwriting and various donor programs. Upon review, feel free to contact any of the committee members if you have any questions. You may also call Matt Fenoff at (845) 242.9407, or Libby Birch (212) 753-7878. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events and appreciate your continued support.

Join us and celebrate wetlands conservation where it all began.

Michael D. Witter
New York City Committee Chairman

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To reserve tickets, contact lbirch@witterassets.com or call (212) 753-7878.

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Event sponsorships are available starting at $10,000.

Contact information

Matt Fenoff: (518) 872-2002/mfenoff@ducks.org
Ray Ilg: (603) 748-3111/rilg@ducks.org
Libby Birch: (212)753-7878/lbirch@witterassets.com

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