Olston Project

In July 2007 DU acquired the Olston property as part of the "Revolving Lands Program". The 155-acre tract is located in Seward County, less than one mile north of Interstate 80 and about one mile west of Goehner, Nebraska. As part of the revolving lands program, DU will restore wetlands and native grassland on the site, protect the restored habitats through a perpetual conservation easement, then sell the property to a conservation minded buyer. DU is scheduled to sell a conservation easement on the property to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2009. Wetland restoration work is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2009. Grassland restoration work will be completed early in 2010. Funding to complete project activities has been secured through grants from the North American Wetlands Conservation Council and the Nebraska Environmental Trust. Additional partners include the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Rainwater Basin Joint Venture.