Loup River Wetlands Restored

Ducks Unlimited has completed two wetland restoration projects along the Loup River in central Nebraska. DU restored more than 1 mile of backwater sloughs and seasonal wetlands on these two properties. One of the completed projects is located a few miles south of Scotia on the North Loup River, while the second project is located a few miles northeast of Palmer.

The private landowners involved are avid wildlife enthusiasts and excited about the habitat improvements to their properties. The newly restored wetlands will provide valuable migration habitat to waterfowl during spring and fall migration periods, while also supplying brood habitat for locally breedingĀ mallards and wood ducks. Many other species of wildlife will also benefit from the restored wetland habitats.

Partners involved in the effort included the Nebraska Environmental Trust, U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.