Hultquist and Jacobson Projects

Wetland and grassland restoration work is rapidly being completed on both the Hultquist and Jacobson properties, purchased by Ducks Unlimited in 2006. Both properties were acquired through DU's "Revolving Habitat Program," whereby properties with wetlands and drained wetlands are acquired from willing sellers. The properties are then restored and protected through perpetual conservation easements. After all habitat restoration work is completed and those habitats protected, DU will sell the properties to conservation minded buyers. DU plans on selling at least one of these properties in the fall of 2009. Each property is approximately 160 acres in size. Each property also contains a well that can be used to provide supplemental water to fill wetlands. Upland areas that were once farmed have been restored to native grasslands and the pheasant population on each site is rapidly increasing. The Hultquist property is located 10 miles east of Minden, Nebraska while the Jacobson property is located two miles east of Holdrege. Watch for an opportunity to purchase one of these properties in the fall of 2009.