A win-win for ducks and duck hunters_Platte River

Improving spring migration habitat on public land along the Platte River

Ducks Unlimited is restoring and enhancing several tracts along the Platte River in Nebraska, thanks to a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET). DU partnered with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission on the Platte River Wildlife Management Area Partnership grant. DU will remove invasive trees and excavate old remnant slough scars to restore hydrology and function of wetlands and native grasslands on four waterfowl management areas (WMA).

Through the end of 2013 and into 2014, DU engineers will initiate topographic surveys and project designs for the Bassway Strip WMA, Dogwood WMA, Blue Hole WMA and Martin's Reach WMA. The conservation projects will improve and increase available spring migration habitat along the central Platte River for ducks and geese as they move north to the breeding grounds.

The habitat work will also create greater recreational opportunities in the fall for the public. A majority of land along the Platte River is privately-owned and can be difficult to gain access for waterfowl hunting each year. Equally important is exposing the nature and wonder of the river to young children as hunter recruitment continues to decline, which will have long-term impacts to the sport and the conservation dollars that support habitat for ducks. The NET grant will help DU meet its conservation goals and provide direct public benefit.